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Brothel Guest

March 2005

I am the manager of a legal brothel in rural Victoria, we have a lot of regular clients, but it is our dead client that is the most interesting to us.

Our brothel is purpose built and is less then 10 years old, there is no record of a previous building on our land and no client has died in our building. We assume that our ghost was once and indeed remains, one of our guests.

Our brothel opens at noon and we close for business around 2 am in the morning, when I first started working at the business, I was the Friday and Saturday manager, often after the girls had finished their shift I would be left to close up the business by myself at 3am in the morning, I am someone who is very sensitive to the spirit world and never sensed anything out of the ordinary, even though I was tired and a little wary of the possibility of trouble with drunks that arrive and can become abusive and demanding in the early of hours of the morning, I felt very comfortable....until 'things started to happen' about a month ago.

A month ago a new girl started working in our establishment and rather then journey several hours home after each shift, she slept over. Security in our brothel is very tight, we have excellent lighting, video monitoring of the entrance, the reception room, and down our hall, we also have regular security patrols and are surrounded by high wire fencing. But as we all know sleeping in a place other than home, by yourself can be creepy, before 'Rose' went to bed, I went around the building with her, double checking all was secure, after I locked the double security gates, Rose was locked in the brothel and 'alone', until I returned to open it for business the next morning.

The next morning I returned to work, and as I opened the door, I Rose came running out, she was a wreck, and absolute wreck.......yes we do have a strict NO DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY. Not long after I had gone, the door bell had started ringing, it would not be impossible for a stupid and drunken visitor to climb over our gate to ring our door bell, although this has never occured before. Our door bell has one singular "Ding", Rose had heard the door bell play a melody, our door bell has no 'tune' options, it just plays the one note, unless it is our ghostly visitor. Rose was terrified, fearing drunken visitors, she bravely went to 'the girls room' to watch the security monitor, while she watched and could clearly see the entrance and door way, nobody was there to activate the door bell. She got braver and went to the front door, no one was there. Our summer this year has been pathetic, I'd left the heating on high all night, Rose had found it very warm in her room, the door bell had rung several times, but she'd decided she might be safer in her bed and might try and get some sleep, she heard footsteps up the hall way, the room suddenly became very very cold and she felt the bed mattress move the way it does when someone gets in to bed with icy hands touched her, but someone shared the bed with her all night. I was really enthralled by her story of the night, I checked with the owner and other workers and none of us had experienced anything, so I certainly wasn't convinced.

Over the past 3 weeks our haunting has increased dramatically. Now all the mangers, the owner and most of the girls have had experiences with the ghost. He lets us know of his arrival with the door bell, that I have now heard 3 times, the chime is rather like the chime of a grandfather clock. Last night, he was particularly active. The owner had decided that I should wear a costume while managing and doing reception work, we had previously been chatting about the ghost, as he is still rather new and exciting for us. We where flipping through a clothing booklet when the owner, lets call her Alice, said..."I wonder what the ghost would like you to wear" we flipped over some pages and then "Ding Dong" our ghost pressed the door bell, funnily enough the outfit the ghost chose for me to wear is called the "Mistress of the Haunted House Gown", so naturally we ordered it from the company today. A few hours later, we where all in the kitchen, the video monitor is located above the microwave and....ding dong!!! I grabbed on to Alice, and together we both locked up at the monitor, we could see the white silhouette of a man standing outside the front door. We, delegated Rose, who is braver then both of us, to go and open the front door, while we watched her. As soon as Rose opened the front door, she yelled at us to join her, all 3 of us, could see HIM!!! He was a white silhouette, rather like if you blew smoke into a bottle and contained it, also there where two spectrums of light beaming from him. Rose grabbed my hand and said, lets walk through him, so I did, my heart was pounding but as I passed through him, I became very very cold.

So that's it, our ghost, he is almost a nightly visitor, he tends to become more active around closing time, but he can be seen during the day and earlier in the evening. We have seen him walking around via our monitoring system, he somehow changes our door bell chime, and we have seen him up close, on occasional nights he has shared a bed with a girl of his choice and we have even walked through him. We have no idea who he could be.

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