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Built On A Dump

New York, USA
November 2001

Hello, I have been reading these stories. I am relieved that I am not alone in feeling and experiencing supernatural things. I have been reading from this site almost to validate that they are real even for me.

As you know, supernatural experiences are so individual and I cannot prove to you that what has happened to me is real. But nevertheless, these things have occurred to me.

Since I was very young, I have had many experiences, from things being moved and voices talking to me.

I have had an ability to know in detail things that were going to happen before they happened, and I even use this to encourage people that I know today. But the experiences I would like to relate have to do with a specific period of time.

I was in a bad marriage and my daughter was about 2 1/2. We lived in the projects in a city near Buffalo. On either side of us lived single mom's with young children as well. This is important because I was not alone in seeing the things I saw.

My daughter Beth used to talk all the time about her little friend, Bobby, who lived in her closet. The little boy, Justin, on the right of us also had a friend that he would be found talking to. And the little girl, Becky, on the left of us, had the worst experiences of any of us.

She would see men walk through her wall and show fear of them. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night and crying about the spider trying to trick her...this would continue and one time she was finally calm and looked at her mom and then screamed that the spider was on her lap and "tricked" her.

Renee, her mother came over at 3:00am and was crying. She asked to spend the rest of the night with Becky on our couch. Of course, we let her.

One night Becky saw what she said were "bad birds". She woke up screaming and carrying on. Renee started praying and was so upset. Becky said then that she saw "good birds", "pretty birds" and proceeded to describe to her mother a fight between the two groups of birds until they were gone.

Those were Becky's experiences. These are name is Rebecca, too.

One night I was sleeping in bed and felt something "wake me up". I opened my eyes and was startled to see something floating by my bed. I thought it was just a metallic balloon that my husband had brought home for me, but I could see through it. I was not thinking clearly and then I realized it was a transparent crinkly looking form floating by my bed and that the presence of it had woken me up.

My heart began to race and I was afraid. I watched as it floated up to the corner of the ceiling and it turned red and then left the room as if it was sucked up into the ceiling. This began to happen quite frequently.

One night in particular was very disturbing. I was dozing on my back when I felt something brush my lips. I thought my husband had come up and kissed me. I opened my eyes and one of those crinkle forms had taken on a face.

The entire ceiling was covered in this transparent stuff and this entity was kissing me. I freaked. The face took on a sneer and grimaced at me. I watched the whole thing turn red and sucked up into the light fixture. I couldn't sleep and I was screaming for my husband to come up. He believed me because I had been talking about these things for a couple months that kept coming and waking me up.

I talked to my neighbors, Kim and Renee, about them. Kim said she would see something that was more like a dark shadow....or a huge spider. This would also go up into the light fixture. She said it would crawl through from the wall in my room (which was just opposite her room). She hung rosaries and crucifixes after her experiences. Renee never saw anything, just her daughter. Kim said that her mother told her that a garbage dump had been on the site of the building we resided in. She thought that many animals had probably died there and their spirits still remained. I don't know about that.

Thank you for reading my story.

New York, USA
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