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Bunny Picture

Lynne Boatswain, NSW, Australia
January 1998

When I was about 16 years old I would sleep over at my grandmothers for the weekend while my parents went out to dinner and a show. I would always sleep in the spare room that had an old wooden bed an old wooden chair and a lovely picture on the wall that was right at the end of the bed, so when I was about to sleep I could stare at the picture before nodding off.The picture was oval and very large it had a wooden frame. Inside the frame was a picture of cute woodland creatures all standing on a raft floating down a stream. From the raft was a piece of rope and a turtle pulling the rope up stream. I would always think to myself that poor turtle pulling that raft up stream all by itself. Then fall asleep.

One particular weekend when staying over grandmas I went to bed as usual looking at the picture and to my surprise the turtle was standing on the raft waving with a smile.. I couldn't belive it I got everyone to look at the picture. My Nana swears black and blue the picture has always been like that with the turtle waving, so does my mum...

But I swear the turtle used to be pulling the rope up stream.....

I think to myself was the picture masked by a ghost, showing the turtle pulling the raft up stream and to everyone else he was on the raft. Is the turtle a ghost that moves around the picture? I've had a strange experience and the worst part is my Nana and mum think I was lying and I can't prove it. The picture still hangs today on my Nana's wall with the turtle on the raft.

Lynne Boatswain, NSW, Australia
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