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By Yourself

Cassandra, AZ, USA
June 2003

This story did actually happen to my older brother.I am just writing it down because he's the type who doesn't believe in ghosts, but I do. So this is his story. I assure you it's all true.

My older brother is a Jr. in high school and I'm a Sophmore. Well one day while he was at school he left for lunch to our house. As usual he was home alone because my parents were at work. When he opened the door and walked into our living room our cat (JJ) started going crazy. He started to hiss at the air and started to cry so he took off running to my room and hid under my bed. As my brother was trying to get him out the phone rang. After he got off the phone with my mother he heard someone in her room laughing. He told me that he thought it was me since it sounded like a girl, but he said nobody was in her room. Then when he stared to leave the room he saw her bathroom door start to shake. He quickly ran to the door opened it and again nobody was in there. Finally he gave up on trying to figure out what was going on in the house.

As he was walking to the front door he swears her heard her bathroom door opening and shutting very loudly. It sounded like they were breaking the wood! So he just ran like hell back to school.
When he got their he told me all about it. I was going to go home and see for myself what was going on but he wouldn't let me.

When my dad got home we told him and he said it couldn't have been a burglar because all the windows and doors were locked when he left.

When my mother got home she got really scared and believed it could have been a ghost. My parents are very superstitious so they still to this day think we have a ghost in our house that doesn't seem too happy we are living there.

Cassandra, AZ, USA
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