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Car Chase

October 2006

A couple of nights ago I was driving out of my neighborhood and was on my way to my boyfriend's apartment complex in Pinellas County, FL. It's a little over an hour and 30 minutes away from my house so I was ready for a long drive.
I had brought all the stuff I needed in case I got a flat tire or if someone was threatening me including a small red plastic alarm with a bright mini flashlight on the front. All you had to do was pull the metal stick out of the plastic alarm and it would go off.
I had also brought with me my CD case and a pack of cold sodas along with an oversized bag of Fritos.

I decided to take 37 all the way down then turn on to 60 going west then take 60 all the way to 75 then down 618 all the way down to South Willow Avenue then on to 685 which is where he lived. Yeah, long trip.
I drove on to 37 eventually and stopped at a gas station a couple minutes later. I filled up my car then pulled in to a parking space to go in and get some gum because my ears were starting to build up with pressure and I had to swallow or yawn to get rid of it. The clerk at the counter just stared at me and never said a word. She was starting to creep me out. Finally, as I got to the door, she called out "Don't go 60 West". I turned around to ask her what she meant, then I realized that was the road I had to turn onto next. Freaking out about how she knew where I was going, I shoved the door open and ran to my car. I put the key in the lock and turned, but it wouldn't unlock. I started freaking out even worse. I looked up at the doors. The clerk was coming out of them staring at me and I watched as she started towards me. I shoved my key in again and prayed it would work. I opened my door and got in and locked all the doors then I started the car up and screeched out. I checked my mirrors and the lady was gone. That's about the time I hit something. Hard. I stopped quickly and jumped out. She lay in front of my car, with blood all over her and her eyes wide open. Horrified, I went back in to my car and grabbed my phone and dialed 911...then I stopped, because as I came out around the car again she was gone. Everything, even the blood.
I stumbled over a rock in the dirt and hit my car door and it slammed shut. I fumbled with the door knob then jumped in and sped back on to 37. I was just starting to get over it when I saw the point when I had to turn on to 60. Her words went through my mind again, but I thought about how crazy she probably was and I made a sharp turn on to 60 going West.
Everything was fine, until about 5 minutes into driving down that road. Just as I drove past a street light, it flickered and went out. I thought that maybe the light had gotten too hot, but then as I drove by the next one, it went out as well. I picked up my speed a little, wondering how the other people on the road didn't notice something was wrong. It was really late at night so there weren't many people on any roads at the time. Suddenly from the top of my car there was a loud *BANG* that sounded like something had landed really hard on my roof. I was too scared to stop so I just kept driving.
Soon, I decided it was okay to slow down because the lights had stopped by then. As I slowed down, a creature that had reddish-purple skin that was thin enough to see it's veins and yellow piercing eyes rolled down on to my windshield from atop my car. I slammed on my breaks, but the creature had already disappeared. I turned around at that second and sped back home and called my boyfriend on the way back and told him that he would be the one visiting me for a while. When he asked why I told him "no reason, just I don't wanna drive much anymore like I used to". He bought it because the next night he was the one who drove to my house.
I haven't been on that road since then. I plan on avoiding it for a while.

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