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Caring Spirit

Diana, Ontario, Canada
August 1999

Ihad some encounters with "ghosts" or "spirits" throughout my life but two particular experiences really baffled me until today.

This happened when I was 13 years old in a new apartment which my parents bought not long before. This apartment is newly erected and thus no history was ever made in this house.

My room has a washroom and I was held responsible for keeping it clean. One day, I decided to do some cleaning and on some loud music to keep myself from feeling bored. While cleaning, I caught something out of the corner of my eye and didn't really pay attention to it. But somehow after 5 minutes or so it was still there. Suddenly I felt really bothered that "it" was looking at me. I turned to look at it but I only caught a glance. It was in a human form and looked rather sad. I told my parents and they looked at me like I was crazy. So, I forgot all about it.

Then, one night, my parents had a huge argument. I was in bed and trying to sleep but the sounds of my parents arguing was still audible. I tossed and turned and then someone came to put me to sleep. I felt so safe and warm with it. It said " go to sleep". It was strange, I didn't try to fight it but listened to it and I was asleep soon after within seconds.

The next morning, I woke up and asked my mom why she put me to bed when she was still fighting with my dad. She looked puzzled and said, "No. I didn't put you to bed." I believed her because when I think about it, I could still hear her and my dad. There is no one else is in my house as I am an only child.

After this incident, I began to think that it was connected to the first time when I saw it in my bedroom. Whatever it is, it assured me that I could trust it with my life. I have since moved out from my parents apartment and am now living in another country. But each time I visit home, I can feel its presence. Not scary but comforting.

Diana, Ontario, Canada
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