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Cats Away

Carlene Williams, NY, USA
October 2006

I have always been a strong believer that animals posses some sort of psychic ability. Based on some of my own past experiences with the paranormal, I figured it would be best that I get a cat.
My family is West Indian and I have always heard that cats especially, are not only very protective, but that over time develop a strong spiritual connection with its owner. I know this for a fact because there are certain things that I would say or do and my cat would have a strange response as if it understood that was going on. I often tell people that she used to talk to me and they think that I need to see a doctor. But you would never understand until you have owned a cat for many years.
Unfortunately I had to give my cat away due to a new living situation. I decided to give her to one of my husbands family members so that I can at least see her once in a while and get updated on how she is doing. The day after I gave her away not only did the mice and the roaches have a festival in my apartment, but an unwelcome visitor made himself known to me.

I never sleep on my back and that's due to scoliosis. I have always slept in a foetal position. But this night I woke up to find myself lying on my back. As I opened my eyes naturally the first thing I saw was the ceiling. As I started to gaze do towards my feet I was surprised to see a transparent, green man laying on top of me. He was about 20-30 years old with blonde hair that was cut short like how they do it in the military. As my eyes met his, he took a big bite into my stomach while making an "ahhhm" sound and disappeared. It's the same sound you make when you're playing with your baby and take a playful bite of its stomach. By the devilish smirk on his face I could tell that he was waiting there to scare me. I felt no pain by the way.
Before I got my cat I would have all kind of strange experiences. It got to the point where I have to have readings and spiritual cleansing. I finally said "enough is enough" and followed my gut instinct and got a cat. From then till the night that she left it has been very peaceful. This just goes to show how much my cat presence had an effect on the spiritual activity around me. She was really looking out for me.
I hope to get her back one day.

Carlene Williams, NY, USA
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