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Child Ghost

Nikki, Nevada, USA
April 1998

I have had many different experiences with ghosts, but this one has captured my attention the most. My family moved into a new home about a year ago. Since we moved in, we have had some strange experiences, but we figured we just were not used to the place.

About six months ago, I was home alone in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. I was working on my computer, and I thought I heard a child crying. Knowing that my son was not home, I figured it was a child outside playing. When it got louder, I got up and turned off the television and listened again. I looked out my windows to see if there was a child outside. When I did not see one, and hadn't heard the noise since I turned the television off, I figured it was the sound from the t.v.

When I proceeded to work on my computer again, I heard the crying again. It sounded as though it was coming from my son's room. I got up to go out the back door to see if there was a child outside of his room that I could not see from the window. When I opened the door, I felt the need to turn around, and there it was. Standing by my son's door was a beautiful little blonde girl. She was crying and pointing to her elbow. At first, I honestly thought I was seeing things. As I stood there staring at this child, I started to feel sorry for her. I decided to approach her. I took one step toward her and she faded away. When my husband came home I told him and he, of course, thought I was crazy. He told me it was my imagination. I laughed, because if he would have been there, you know you're not seeing things. Since then my husband has come to believe with me. The little girl has never shown her face to him, but she plays tricks on him occasionally. He'll turn off a light, she'll turn it on. She even turns on faucets the minute he turns it off. I personally think it's great. She's being a typical little girl, and now he's starting to enjoy it too. She has never scared us or done anything detrimental, so what's the big deal?

Nikki, Nevada, USA
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