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Cris, OK, USA
December 2001

After having found this site a year ago and finally getting the chance to read the different stories here, I felt compelled to share a few with you as well. Below are things that I've experienced. All of them are true.

I am originally from Texas. Born and raised. I now live in Oklahoma about two hours South of Tulsa. These experiences though, took place in my home State.

When I was growing up, I think I did have one dealing with the paranormal. I say 'think' because I'm not too sure exactly what it was that I heard. To me, it wasn't scary. This one only took place once. I remember being about 8 or 9 and it was Christmas Eve. I was in my room on my bed looking out the window. So I know that I wasn't asleep.

Everyone else was already in bed and the house was quiet. Next thing I remember, I heard a thump on the roof, and I kid you not, bells accompanied it. My being that age, guess who I thought it was. As it goes, I'd only heard it once and never saw anything that could account for the sound. My family denied hearing anything. So I of course was left wondering exactly what it was that I'd heard that night.

Things began to change when I started high school. My freshman year, we moved into an upstairs apartment. It was just my brother, my mom and I. The apartment was rather creepy to say the least. Here's a small description of it:

When you first come in the front door, you walk into a little hallway that looks like a half square and then there's the living room. Looking straight ahead, you see the small dining room plus the kitchen. Off to the left is a long hallway. My brother's room was the first room as you look into the hallway facing the living room. My room was in back on the left and my mom's was straight down the hall. The bathroom was on the immediate left as soon as you entered the hall.

One night while I was on sitting on the couch watching TV and everyone else was in bed. I distinctly heard my mom's bedroom door open and then mine. I thought maybe she was checking in on me. She sometimes did that. So I waited for her to come down the hall and into the living room. Time passed and no one walked in. I felt a cold chill run through me at this point. Because I know her door opened. It was at that time, I decided I'd go to bed. A few months passed and nothing happened.

Another time while I was home alone. It was early evening. I was in the kitchen and had the TV going with a movie in the VCR. Next thing I know, the movie stopped. I thought that was odd as it had just started. I began to walk toward where the TV was and the entire light in the living room went black. The only way to turn it on or off was the switch by the front door. I immediately headed to the back door and over to a friends apartment on the same landing. I told her what happened and she said the same thing happened to her just before I came down. The same exact thing.

When my brother left home, my mom and I moved into a downstairs apartment. For the first year there, nothing happened. But the year afterwards, things began occurring on a semi-regular basis. The downstairs apartment layout was basically the same as the one we had before, just sort of reversed. As you come in from the front (which faced the street), you have a little hallway there, that looks like a square. Then you have the living room and a big wide window on your immediate left.

Going in a little ways more, you see the kitchen and to the right of it is a short hallway that led to the bedrooms and the hall bathroom. There were only two bedrooms. My room was on the left side and the second room was on the right. Directly across the hall from each other. The room I had, had a huge walk in closet that at times scared the daylights out of me. But I have no idea why.

One of the incidents involved a huge picture of a ship. Complete with sails and all. It wasn't a painting either. Whoever took the photo did so while the ship was still in the docking area heading out. The night I decided to stay home by myself I sitting on the couch and this huge framed picture was directly above me on the wall.

I distinctly heard the creaking it would make on the water when the waves rocked it. If you've ever heard that sound, you know what I mean. At first I thought I was hearing things until I sat up and got closer to it and listened. It was indeed making the noise. This was a picture! After that, I began hating that thing.

Another dealing was with a heavy hand held bell that sat on it's own wooden mount and hung by the front door. I was watching TV one night, again by myself, when that thing rang one time. With a bell like this, standing stationary upright, it can only ring once. I know I heard it, because my cat who was in there too, looked at the noise when I did.

Anyhow, for some time after those, nothing else happened. Then one night while I was sitting in the living room, I heard our patio gate open. If you know those kind of latches that lock around a small metal grip when it catches, then you know how distinct the sound is when it shuts tight or when it's opened. The gate opened and I thought it was one of my friends coming by. I looked to the window on my right and waited for a knock on the door. No one knocked, but someone did walk by the window. It was that clear. I saw their legs. Not knowing what to do at first, I just sat still and waited. Nothing. Finally after some debate, I decided to go take a look. When I did, there wasn't anyone there, and the gate was securely latched. I would have heard it, if it had shut.

Other incidents at this apartment involved, having a picture that hung in my bathroom fall off the wall for no reason at all and hit me in the back. The nail in which it was hung on, still in place. Another time, a bigger picture of a Unicorn, fell off the wall in my bedroom, next to my bed. The thing that scared me most about this, is the fact that one of my nephews had been staying the night with us, and slept on my bed while I had been in the living room on a hide-a-bed. The picture had fallen between the wall and the bed while he had been sleeping. I'm just glad it didn't fall on him.

At the time I met my first boyfriend, things had basically been quiet around the place. Which to me was a relief. I was soon to find out that those were minor compared to what I was about to encounter. And strangely enough, the next things all began after I met him. Here's a little detail about this guy. He was heavy into black magic and anything that to him resembled a "good time". Some of his cousins were also interested in things like that and one even went as far as having someone get her a Ouija Board. But not a store bought one. This one was custom made. So who knows what came with it. Anyhow, one night, my not being to familiar with these, decided to try it out with a friend of mine. Nothing much happened when we initially used it. The following days were a different story though. One night while I was sitting in bed reading with one light on, I heard a small light tap on my window. With my bed being across the room, blocking one side of the double walk in closet, I looked up. Listened. Nothing. A few seconds later, another light tap. I thought at first it might be some friends of mine, but when I got up and checked, no one was there. And our back courtyard area of the apartment was empty.

Two nights later, while I was in my room, I had some white candles lit and they were sitting on the opposite side to where I was at, looking through a photo album. The TV stand on which these candles had been placed, was big enough so that anything else on it with them, was really not in danger. I had a basketball on it in one corner with a white straw hat on top of it, tilted up. All items were clear of the candles, I made sure of that before I even lit them. For some reason, I looked up from what I was doing and over at the stand then away again. Next thing I know, the hat catches on fire. I quickly yelled for my mom and grabbed the nearest blanket. Which was a hand made blanket my grandmother made for me when I was about 10 or so.

By the time my mom came in the room, I had the fire out and a window open. The hat disintegrated and the ball was permanently ring scarred. The only thing left of that hat was a clip pin with my mom's name on it. Which she still has. Charred, but intact. The next morning, I was cleaning my room and getting rid of things I didn't want anymore. When I went to clean under my bed, I found that home made Ouija board sitting there. I know I didn't keep it, because my friend had taken it home with her. I personally saw her place it in the box it sat in. I took that thing out and went to see her. Imagine her surprise when I showed it to her. I asked her what she wanted me to do with and she said get rid of it. So I did. Haven't seen that thing since, and I don't care to.

Some months afterwards, I began working at a job that I thought would be cool to try out. The new job was to work in the Hospital wing (or infirmary) of a home for retired Masonics. I worked as a housekeeper and some parts of it was pretty cool. Though I would never want to do the work again. I met some interesting people while I worked there. Including some of the homes residents. Anyhow, my duties were to clean not only the two infirmary floors but also the third floor. Which was the area for those who could care for themselves, stayed. My first few months there, was basically uneventful. One day while I was talking to one of the ladies who worked in the "Big House". It was called so, because of how big it was. It was the main wing of the entire place. And looked like a huge house.

While I was talking to this lady in the laundry area that she worked in, she told me how much she didn't like working down there. Being that it was quiet except for the washers and dryers going. You could never tell when someone came in there and hardly anyone came down there except at lunch break or during cold and wet weather. I remember her telling me, that very early in the morning when no one else was around but her, she'd get the creepy feeling she wasn't exactly alone. Like feeling someone there, but not finding anyone when turning around. One of these times when she got this feeling and turned around, she saw a lady that she described as being in a long blue dress, walking up the underground ramp that leads into the main hall of the house. What made her notice her even more was the fact that this woman had no head. It was at that point, she decided that either they put someone else down there with her, or she was quitting. They did.

Another eerie thing about the infirmary building was the 'tunnel' outside in back. As you walk out of the basement area of it, you pass by a stark white space on your left as you leave it, that was always ice cold, especially during the hot Texas summers. Made no difference how hot it really was outside, the space was solid cold. We later found out that was were they once had to take the bodies of the infirmary patients when they died. They'd keep them there until they could be picked up and it used to be a freezer room just for that purpose. Some other dealings in this place happened on the third floor while I was doing my rounds before the last break of the afternoon, before we got off work. I was the only one on my end of the hall, finishing up one of the rooms. We'd start up one side and then come down another. So I began on the left side first and was almost finished with the right. As I was putting something onto my cart, I happened to look up and see a lady halfway down the hall from me, come out of one of opposite end bathrooms and walk straight across the hallway and into our break room. I thought it was one of the cleaning ladies that I worked with and checked my watch. It was close to our break time. So I made my way down there, the whole time watching the door I saw this lady enter. When I got there, I was about to say something when I noticed there was no one in there but me. I know she didn't leave, because I would have seen her do so.

One other thing that I had encountered here, also turned out to be my last one. Because I quit the place not to long afterwards. As clich? as it sounds, this particular day was stormy. It was dark outside even though it was only around three or so. It had been raining off and on all day that day. I was up on the third floor of the smaller building cleaning a reading room. Off to my left were some rooms with doors that were always kept closed. I never knew what they were for, and was never told to stay away from them. So curiosity got the better of me and I went and checked them out. One of the rooms on the far left was nothing but storage space. Old mattresses, lamps, etc. The second door on my right closer to the front of where the sitting area was, was exactly like the other one. That left one other. The door nearest the back corner. I took a deep breath and turned the handle and it opened without a problem.

As I walked in, I saw a white table half raised with some metal floor tray standing next to it, and a huge sink and counter behind it. There was also a over head hanging swing light just above it. Off to my right was a smaller glassed enclosed room. I went over to it and walked in. You could hardly move around it. So I was careful where I walked. It had a smaller sink and counter. There were rusted steel utensils laying on an unused tray and round bulb shaped lamp over hanging it. On my far right was an oven looking deal. A small door on top and a heavy bottom piece underneath. I don't know what enticed me to open that door, but I wish I hadn't of. The only feeling I can explain that I got when I did, was that it felt like something literally went through me. The short time I had the door open I noticed there were bone fragments in the dust. It was this time I found out the rooms I was in belonged to an embalming room. I slammed the door and left as quickly as I could do so.

After I made it back outside this particular room, I left the area and the whole time kept looking behind me. Almost like I was expecting to find someone or something closely behind me. I left the job shortly afterwards with the excuse, it just wasn't what I expected. After I began working someplace else, I got to talking one day with one of the ladies I had worked with there and asked her how things were going. She told me that there were some strange things going on. I got the courage to tell her what I discovered, and she didn't doubt that maybe that had something to do with these occurrences. I don't doubt it either. I know that I disturbed something in there that day. When I was last in Texas, and around in that area, the infirmary no longer stood but the main house does. I would like to know what happened to the hospital on the property, but I'm not really brave enough to enter them gates again to find out.

I do have others for you, but I'll submit those later. Because it deals with the house we used to live in before moving to Oklahoma and a few things here as well.

Thanks for Reading.

Cris, OK, USA
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