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Childhood Spirit

Florida, USA
February 1997

In the early to mid-80's my family moved into a townhouse located in Hialeah, Florida which happens to be a modern city. The townhouse had three floors and most of the occurrences happened on the second and third. My room was located on the second floor, but my playroom was on the third. As a young kid about 5-6, I used to talk to what I think was a spirit. At first I wasn't frightened, and had a weird communication with it. I remember the ghost being a tall blonde woman. Much of the conversation we had I truly don't remember. Soon after my older brother and girlfriend brought a Ouija board to the house. I, being extremely afraid, never played with it or was even present in the same room, but something happened and things started getting weird.

I never went into my playroom again because I felt I was being watched and I became terrified. The room was rather small and it had a balcony. Even through warm summers this room was always cold (this was the room they played with the Ouija board in). In the middle of the night you could often hear strange noises coming from the room like muffled voices, moving furniture, and loud footsteps. During this period, electrical objects would turn on and off on their own, like the ceiling fan in my room would turn on and my radio would switch stations. I began to sleep with my parents due to the weird occurrences. I believe the house began to bring my family bad luck because my fathers thriving business went down, we were sick more then than ever, and our personalities changed. I recently found out that the original owner was Santero (Spanish for someone into witchcraft). Also, most of the families that moved in have had somewhat similar experiences with the bad luck, but I don't know about the spirits or noises. To this day my family and I still have nightmares about going back. In the nightmares we always end up getting trapped and not being able to escape. My family doesn't talk about their experiences, they don't like to so I don't know how it was for them.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope it didn't bore you.

Florida, USA
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