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Children On The Playground/My Protector

September 2001

Ihave trouble sleeping so I'm always up real late at nights.

One night I heard a noise in my brothers play area. I looked out there from my upstairs window (that over looked the whole yard) and I saw several children playing.

One was singing on the swing set and another behind him pushing him. One was in the sand pit playing, and the last one was sliding down the slide.

At first look I thought they were just some kids from the neighborhood playing around. Since it was so late I went down to tell them they needed to go home. When I opened the door I noticed I could see through them. They were spirits of children not real children.

The kid pushing the other one on the swing looked at me and then they all disappeared smiling.

Ever since then I always look out the window to see if they are there. For a few nights they didn't show up. Almost a week later they came back. I watched them play, but when they see me watching them they disappear. I've now gotten used to them being there. They don't make that much noise. So it doesn't bother anyone. They come every night. I do enjoy watching them.

Another ghostly experience I had was during the night as well. I was still having trouble sleeping.

One night I was tired of watching television so I was heading upstairs to go read a book. Half way up the stairs I missed the step and was going to fall backwards but I felt a large strong hand on my back that pushed me forward so I landed onto the floor at the top of the stairs. I turned over and looked up into a big mans face. He was smiling then he disappeared. The weirdest thing was that he not only stopped me from falling he must have carried me or something, because I wasn't even near the top of the stairs when I started to fall, yet I was when I saw the man.

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