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Clear Creek

January 2007

About 3 years ago my mate (Peter) and I went to stay at my nan and pop's farm which is located just outside of Bathurst, NSW about a twenty minute drive. The farms name is "Clear Creek".

Now there are quite a few ghost stories out there considering my distant relatives built the farm house three hundred years ago. From hearing all of these ghost stories, we decided to go investigate for ourselves.

I personally believe in the spirit world however Peter did not.
There was one particular story about a paddock which we called the "corn paddock" where there was supposed to have been one hundred or so Aborigines slaughtered back in the days when the Aborigines were slaves to the white man. So we decided to camp out in the corn paddock.

About three hours after the sun had gone down we were sitting around a campfire. We had started to keep ourselves warm when we heard someone or something moving in the bushes behind us. We decided to go take a look to see what it was but nothing was there. We then retreated back to our campfire for the night to talk about some of the stories that we had heard. After about an hour or so we were just about ready to go to bed when we heard the same sound of movement behind us. This time we decided to ignore it but my friend Peter decided, for some unknown reason, to shout out as loud as he could "I MOCK THY SPIRITS!!". After he had said that I had a go at him for saying it and telling him that this is not something to be stuffed with. With that a slow wind started to blow which sent a shiver down my spine, the wind started to pick up and get heavier. With that we decided to go for cover in the tent we had set up. Almost right away we heard a woman scream, which was quite sickening and ear piercing. And with that myself and Peter decided not to tempt fate, but to run as fast as we could all the way back home.

What do you think it may have been?.

If anyone can help me with an idea don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

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