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Clive House

Soma Bose, Maharashtra, India
October 2015

As we know, Lord Clive is very famous in both Indian and British history. In Dum Dum (Kolkata,India), this house is still alive with its old heritage as once upon a time in late seventies, Lord Clive used to spend his time in this house along with his other associates. Further, Lord Clive also used this house as his office room.

Later, after the independence and partition of India, many refugees came from Bangladesh used to stay here as their temporary settlement and later on, still now many natural calamities affected refugees take shelter here. Twenty five years back, a severe flood swept over some rural area near by Kolkata, it was Ganges river which flooded over miles to miles and destroyed many villages. Lots of people took shelter in the Clive house used as a refugee camp. I served them as a volunteer on behalf of a social organization. Along with me, three more friends served them on behalf of a social welfare organization.

That day, it was raining heavily and all the roads were blocked with heavy downpour. Time passed away and it was about ten o'clock at night, every body of the camp asked us to spend the night there as there was impossible to come out on the road at that present weather.

We decided to take a halt there, ground floor was packed with the beds(everybody had to sleep on ground after spreading own blanket there).So we decided to go up and some open space remained there in front of a locked door(corridor) and this room was supposed to be used by Lord Clive for his own official work. There were some rumours that often at midnight, some sounds like pulling drawers used to be heard from the locked room. However, we were very tired and soon we closed our eyes but after some time, I heard some sound of footsteps and thought that somebody was coming up through steps and as I opened my eyes, I observed a long shadow entering through the locked door! My body started to shake in fear, I tried to call my other two associates who were sleeping beside me but all felt asleep. After some time I heard some sounds like pulling drawers, and my two associates woke up, they were frightened too. There was an open window but it was covered with net and as we looked outside through the window, we discovered an old horse cart was awaiting on the road. It was raining severely and it still stood on the road. We looked again upon the locked door and a shadow came down, with the blink of eyes, it disappeared and again we looked outside the window, the horse cart was also vanished! We remained still and did not speak a single word as we were so much frightened!

Next morning, we stated every thing to others as we observed and felt last night, some body believed as they too already experienced this and some body neglected it as a false nightmare but still I remain speechless when I think of that incident!

Soma Bose, Maharashtra, India
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