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Close Encounter (2)

October 2001

When my boyfriend and I first started seeing each other in 1997, we needed a place to go for "privacy".

We were out driving around in the country that surrounded the town we lived in in Southeast Missouri, and found (what we thought) was the perfect spot. It was off of Highway 105 down this gravel road. There was a little spot on the side of the gravel road just perfect for a car to fit. There were rows of trees on either side and looked as though the rows of trees were dividing property, being that they divided corn fields.

Well later that night we went back to our spot, and we first pulled the car in frontways first to see if anyone was back there (have you ever seen "Deliverance"? those were the kind of people that hung around the countryside of that joke!!) So we saw that the coast was clear, so he backed his car into the spot. Well, of course I do not need to go into detail on what was going on. We sat there for a few minutes after just talking, and then all of a sudden this bright white light illuminated the car! We were shuffling around trying to get dressed, and then we saw the shadow of some "thing" in the back windshield and heard a scuffling sound on the trunk of the car! We pretty much forgot about getting dressed and he hopped in the drivers seat and took off driving like a maniac!

As soon as we drove away, the light disappeared. (note that we did search the place before we parked, and there was NO ONE there!)We drove out there during the daytime the next day, and saw nothing around, no footprints or anything.

Needless to say we were freaked out. Just the other day we were talking about it. Still scares us to this day, almost 5 years later.Anyway, thanks for reading!

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