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Florida, USA
November 1998

My husband and I got married in June of 1985 and moved into our first home right away. About a month after we got married, my husband's stepfather was brought up on charges for molesting his younger sister. We were left in charge of packing up his things, bringing them to our house and going through them to see if any could be used as evidence. Well that's when all kinds of weird things started happening.

I had several instances where I would be in the main bathroom putting on my make-up or doing my hair, when out of the blue I would hear someone call my name. I would stop what I was doing and go and ask my husband what he wanted. Every time he said he hadn't called my name. One day while going through my husband's stepfather's things, I found a tape that was made out in California during an occult meeting (which we found out later, the stepfather was a part of). The man's voice on the tape said, "Have you ever been alone and heard someone call your name? Next time turn around and answer it." Knowing that you are not supposed to answer those kinds of things and the fact that this same thing had been occurring to me just about sent me to drinking. But that was nothing...

One night I was in our room getting ready for bed and my husband (who loved to walk around in his birthday suit) was in the main bathroom taking care of business. I remember standing there and seeing what appeared to be my naked husband run out of the bathroom, through the livingroom, and into the kitchen (our house is very small.) Knowing how he scares so easy I decided to wait for him to come back and jump out at him. Never looking in the bathroom behind me, I crouched down in from of the linen closet across the hall from the bathroom. I waited giggling to myself at how fun this was going to be for what seemed like forever before my husband said to me, "What in the hell are you doing?" FROM THE TOILET IN THE BATHROOM BEHIND ME!!!!! Every hair on my body stood straight out and I started screaming so loud I scared my husband. I tried to tell him that there was a naked man in the kitchen but of course when he looked, no one was there.

What was to be the final instance was when I got pregnant with our first child. Most people attribute the changing hormones for the moods that pregnant women go through but I can assure you that my hormones were not the cause for what I went through those three months. I felt like my husband was going to kill me. It got so bad that I wouldn't shower or bath when he was home and I always went to bed after him, always making sure he was sound asleep before I got into bed. I started catching glimpses of what looked like little people running from one bedroom to the next and seeing shadows in the corners of our room. Nothing visibly distinct but I knew it was there...waiting. One night after my husband had been asleep for about 3 hours I crawled in beside him and tried to get some sleep myself. The dark circles had already started to form under my eyes. I heard what sounded like the rattling of our closet door. (they are metal) I glanced over my husband's shoulder (his back was to me) and I saw a little man, pointed nose, teeth, and ears. He kinda looked like a cross between an elf and Rumplestiltskin. He was wearing a pointed cap and his shoes had turned up toes. He was laughing in a the deepest and creepiest tone I had ever heard and his grin was sinister. I felt like the rattling of the closet door was almost like a drum roll. I was shaking uncontrollably and crying. I blinked but he was still there. The thing in the corner of the room was watching, I could feel it. I leaned forward and reached out to touch my husband when I felt more fear than I had ever felt in my whole life. I KNEW that if I touched my husband he was going to roll over and kill me. I backed away from him (without touching him) and closed my eyes and started praying the blood of Jesus over my baby and me. The little demon vanished and my husband woke me up an hour later still crying in my sleep.

The next morning I took everything that belonged to my husband's stepfather and threw it in the local dump. I went home and opened the front door and rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and our house has been clean every since.

I believe that because the stepfather had been into the occult that his things were possessed in some way, allowing for the demons to enter my house. What do you think?

Florida, USA
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