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Company At Work

February 2008

To say that I don’t scare easily would be a lie, but I’ve always been pretty skeptical of any reported paranormal activity. Until I started working at my current job, that is.

I started at an insurance company, working long hours. Because of the nature of my responsibilities, I would often be at work after everyone else had left.
The building used to house railroad offices but they moved to newer offices a few blocks away. The office was completely remodeled before we moved here and additional security features were put in place. To get into the floor, you need a security key/badge to unlock the door. This makes a distinctive beep every time. Badge keys are needed for the stairwells and elevators.

One Monday, I was finishing some letters for my boss. The mailboxes are at the opposite end of the floor from my desk, so I made the full circle, noting everyone else had left for the day (it was well after 7 pm).
I enjoy the quietness of the late hours-after the cleaning crew leaves, it’s just the clicking of my keyboard.
After about 10 minutes back at my desk, I heard the door open. I looked up to see who was there, but the door was still closed. These are heavy fire doors that close slowly. After that, I tried to pay attention to my surroundings by sitting up more at my desk. My cubicle faces windows but by turning slightly, I can see the rest of the L-shape of the office around me. I’m on the 8th floor above a busy street.

After another few minutes, I saw a reflection in the window next to me of a smallish figure, so I turned to face the room and see who it was’no one was there. I turned back to the window-the image was still there. It was a man in coveralls, and it appeared he was standing next to the cubicles two rows away staring at me. His face was expressionless and he wasn’t blinking. I wanted desperately to bolt out of there, but he was between me and the door. His mouth began to move like he was talking but I didn’t hear anything. He turned and walked away, disappearing after a step.
After that, I stopped working late.
My boss commented on it, but I didn’t have the nerve to tell her why. We’re a small company and I don’t want my sanity questioned by telling anyone about it. There’s a violent history associated with the grounds and people have reportedly died in the building, so I guess anything is possible.

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