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Cottage Ghost

September 2004

Me, my mother, my step-father and his two sons live in a small, but cozy house. Every summer, we all go to our little cottage on the mountains. There is one big living room, including a kitchen, and there are 4 bedrooms, each with 2 beds. It was very cozy until my step father's mother died.

We were halfway to the cottage, and we stopped to get a burger, then we continued. 1 hour later we were there, and parked the car. It was a long way to walk, but we managed. When my step-father's sons, (called Markus and Mathias btw.) and I got there, we all sat down by the terrace near the entrance, exhausted of all the carrying.

When my mom came with the key, and went to open the door, the door was unlocked. We all found that pretty odd, because we were the only ones who lived there, and we hadn't been there for a year. My mom (called Mary), got hysterical, because she thought someone had gotten in and stolen something, but nothing was taken.

We all ran in to occupy the best beds, when we heard the water was on, and all the closets in the bedrooms were open. All these strange things kept happening each time we left the cottage for just a minute. (Lots more carrying, but since I'm a girl, I didn't have to carry that much).

It started to get dark, so we all started to play card games. I'm not so good at card games, so I lost. Every time I lost I kept joking about getting upset, and threw the cards on the floor. The third time I did it, and went to pick them up, they just kept on gliding a few inches from my hand, like someone was pulling them away. I was really annoyed before I thought clearly. The cards are sliding away from my hand without anyone touching them. I was really shocked.

When we all went to bed, I of course, had to sleep alone because I was the only girl. I had my window up, because it was in the middle of the summer. And I always like to have the door open. Then, the wind shut my door - I thought - I opened it and went back to bed. Again the door closed by itself. I got really annoyed and closed the window, then opened the door. I almost fell asleep when it AGAIN closed itself. I opened the door, just a little, to wait and see who kept closing the door. Unfortunately I fell asleep, and woke up the next morning, but the door was now open.

After breakfast we were going swimming, but I decided to stay at the cottage to read a really nice book. I was all alone. That's the way I usually liked it. While I was reading, I got something in my eye, so I went to look in the mirror to get it out. And guess who I saw next to me? My step-father's mother. I screamed and ran out of the front door. I had now seen a ghost in a mirror. We left the cottage and never went back.

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