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Creepy House

Kristine Taylor, Utah, USA
December 2003

My husband and I used to live with his aunt in this old house. We slept in the basement and it was really cold and dark down there. One night my little girl wouldn't stop crying. My husband was getting upset so I took her upstairs to feed her. I was sitting on the couch giving her some food and I saw this lady dressed in a white night gown walk past the opening that leads to the kitchen. I thought it was his aunt so I got up to go in the kitchen to say hi and no one was there.

Another time, after my husband left me. My baby and I moved to one of the upstairs rooms. It was late at night and one of my friends had just left so I had gone to bed. I was almost asleep when I thought I heard my friend talking to my husbands aunt. I thought that he was going to come in my room and try and scare me (because thats the type of guy he is) so I lay very still and I heard my door open. Someone touched my arm. I thought it was him so I turned really fast to try and scare my friend only no one was there.

Another time I felt something in my room with me, I felt cold all over and when I opened my eyes a saw a bunch of whit specks above me. For some reason I started grabbing for them (don't know why). After that I fell back to sleep but all night I heard people talking in my room next to my bed.

I decided to move out shortly after that and I went back to my parents house. It was just too creepy there for me.

Kristine Taylor, Utah, USA
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