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Crybaby Bridge (1)

May 2003

This story was told to me by my Dad. He had heard the legend growing up, so he and his friends (possibly his cousins, I don't really remember) went to "check it out."

They went to an old bridge (its now closed), from what he told me, they went there and turned off the car on the bridge. They got out and looked around. At the corner of the bridge was a dark hairy-like figure. When they rushed back to the car and tried to start it, it wouldn't start. Finally a couple of them decided to get out and try to push the car, considering this was my dads car and he took great care of it, they knew it wasn't the car. As soon as the car was pushed off of that particular spot it started right up. Of course, they barely gave the two who pushed enough time to get in, before they were squalling away.

From what my Dad told me they kept a very wary eye on the figure, although it never made an attempt to come at them, it gave them a very uneasy feeling. My dad has never been back, and won't tell me how to get there. All he asks is that if I somehow find out I won't go alone or at night.

The legend goes, that a very long time ago, before women could work and support themselves, there was a newly wed couple. After they had been married barely a year the woman gave birth to a little baby girl. Not long after, her husband left her and her baby and left them with nothing. Some say the man left because he hadn't wanted a baby, others say it was because it was a girl. I've even heard he left her for another woman in another town. Still, no matter the reason the woman and baby had no food, no money, and no way to survive. The woman searched for someone to care for her child, she told them she had to go away to find money. Everyone had heard of what had happened to her and refused to take a "bastard" child. Knowing full well she had nowhere to get money, she took her baby, went to the nearest bridge, and jumped off, with her baby in her arms.

My dad told me that at night around a late hour you can hear a woman moaning and a baby crying. If you turn your car off on the right spot (barely over half way) that your car won't start (supposedly where they jumped). And on a clear night you can see the demon-like figure that guards their souls. Keeping them trapped for all time for the mother's wrong doing.

I don't know how much was really true, but I do know this, my Dad is a very down- to- earth person. He never claimed to believe in ghosts and, as far as I know, has never pulled-my-leg, so to speak, without telling me about it afterwards.

He never told me this story until I was 16yrs old, and almost refuses to repeat it. I'm now 20 and a Mom myself now and I've heard the story only three times from him. (That is what happened to him personally)

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