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Siobhan, Derbyshire, UK
June 2010

I've always tried to keep an open mind about the existence of spirits and ghosts. At school we told all the classic stories and were sure we saw things that we couldn't explain but looking back they were all rational.

In 2008 I lost my dad suddenly. He was not even 50 and I hadn't treated him as well as I ought to have. And I never told him that I loved him. So as you will expect when I lost him I felt a great deal of guilt about this but I tried my hardest to put it behind me and after a year of support from my husband I thought I had.

My husband often works late and I am often in our house alone, when I get lonely I try and sleep. I was trying to do that one night. I was dreaming about my dad, he wanted me to hear something, unusual at that point but not totally unlikely. I woke crying, missing him.

To comfort me I called my two cats to me but they refused to come which was odd so I sat up and looked over the sofa to see where they were at. As I did I heard my dad so clearly in my ear. Its ok, I'm happy and everything is better. I love you but I have to go.

I freaked out but felt something cold brush against the side of my face before everything seemed to change and my kitties came running into the room straight into my lap. Some people may think this isn't a very good story but it's completely true. I know it was my dad.

Siobhan, Derbyshire, UK
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