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Dad's House

Bess, Victoria, Australia
November 2005

At fourteen and at the height of me being a trouble maker, my mother sent me packing to live with my Dad. I was pretty upset at the time and was angry at everything, but my Dad was very patient and tried to help me through things. This house was a place that I'd always loved and in fact my Dad had grown up in it himself.
He moved into it after my parents separated when my grandpa was still alive and they lived together for a while before my grandpa passed away in his sleep in his bedroom.
After a while my Dad moved into his dad's bedroom and when I came to live with him I stayed in his old room.

The house was pretty old and the hallway which all the bedrooms lead off was always really dark. At night you would hear the hallway floor creaking like someone was walking from one end of it to the other and I would always be scared. Dad would just say that it was the house because it was old or would shout out 'Shut up Dad' and for a little bit it would make me feel better. The more I stayed in the house the more I began to notice things.

If I was sitting in the lounge room I would constantly feel like I was being watched from the hallway. It would get so bad that sometimes I would have to close off the hallway completely just so I could watch TV in peace. I was in that house alone alot of the time because I had left school the same year I moved there.

When Dad would get home from work it would be a relief just not being there by myself. At night sometimes I would wake in bed to breathing in my room. It would start off very softly but would get louder and closer until the breathing would be right in my ear and I would be terrified. I would close my eyes very tight and wait for what felt like forever until eventually it would either go away or I would fall asleep. I didn't tell my dad any of this because I knew he wouldn't believe me.

Other things started happening too. One time I was laying in bed facing my TV with my eyes closed. You know how when the TV is so bright you can still see a bit even when your eyes are closed. Well I was just laying there with my door open when I saw a shadow move into the room. It was a boy probably late teens creeping up to my bed. I couldn't see his face or anything it was his outline because my eyes were still closed. He was creeping closer and closer to my bed and I started freaking but didn't know what to do. The volume on the telly started going up and down and I lay there for a minute before I finally freaked out and ran into the lounge room where my Dad was still watching TV. I stood in front of the heater and said to Dad "can you hear my TV?". It was still going up really loud and then down again. Dad just said that was weird and I decided to stay in the lounge room for a while. It wasn't long after that I began seeing things.

I would see a shadow of a man out of the corner of my eye or see someone walk past a doorway when no one was there. I began to really feel like I was going crazy because Dad never seemed to notice anything. I was tense all the time and thought I was going to have a break down. It had been two years with me living with this stuff and I was totally stressed. Then one day when my boyfriend was over we were home alone and just looking out the back window. I was feeling pretty uptight when Dean, my boyfriend, told me he had seen the shadow. I lost it and broke down. For ages I seriously believed that I was crazy and now someone else had finally seen it, I was so relieved.

Heaps of other things happened in that house like my older sister and I were talking in the kitchen one day. Both of us saw a man walk past the kitchen doorway and into the bathroom. We both thought it was Dad and called out to him. I went and had a look and there was no one there. We both looked at each other and were like "Ok then, that was scary!"

I ending up moving out of there to live with my older brother but my younger brother who my mother also shipped off (she had a habit of doing that) ended up moving into Dad's and into my room. He has had the same things happen to him that I did, like the breathing, seeing things out of the corner of your eye and even told me of this story.

He went to walk into his room when a man walked from the middle of his room and right past him even to the point were this person moved on their side so they could get around him and walk out.

I don't know about you but I think that is creepy.

I hope you enjoyed my experiences they sure scared me. Early this year Dad's house was torn down so units could be built on it. I often wonder what is going to happen to the ghost. My Dad is selling the back unit and moving into the front one which is where the house would have stood. I wonder if the ghost is going to make himself known to the new place or if he has finally moved on?. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Bess, Victoria, Australia
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