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Dad's Late Fate

Samantha Booter, CA, USA
August 2001

This story is more mind-boggling than scary. My dad grew up in Hawaii, and thus has a lot of wierd scary stories that are either too short, or not remembered. So I have picked a story that has a meaning...maybe.

My dad had been in a training camp for the military in his 20's and had been hiking one day, when he slipped and a very steep and sharp cliff, surprisingly able to involuntarily grasp a small branch to hold his weight, while a friend began pulling him up (after retrieving his gun of

Anyway, that night, while sleeping in a poncho blanket on the side of the road on the military base, he had a dream involving an old friend in Hawaii that he hadn't seen for a while. His name was John Galon. In his dream, my dad and John talked like they were reuniting in real life; about topics that had happened and past events that were true. During all this my dad noticed that his friend lay in a casket, while my dad sat on a bed next to him.

They sat talking in this dark room lit with candles but not scary, just comfortably dim. Next thing , my dad woke up and got to go home for a break that morning. Driving home in his truck, he spontaneously turns on the radio to hear that his friend, " John had died last night in a car accident.." My dad more shocked by his death, didn't think about the dream until later; putting together the theme that my dad was supposed to have died that day falling off the cliff and would have been in a casket with John instead of a bed.

My dad knows the dream was just a way for John to say Goodbye, although at John's funeral, my dad was a pallbearer and his side all of the sudden got very heavy, almost too heavy to carry any longer.

Earlier that day, John's dad had informed my dad cunningly that if the casket gets almost too heavy to handle, its john making a joke. So my dad said in his mind for john to stop and then it was light enough for him to carry.

This is just exemplifying the point that there is life after death and they do still have power, care and love for us and await us to join them someday in heaven.

Samantha Booter, CA, USA
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