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Daddy, Are You There?

Julie, OH, USA
November 2002

The story I am about to tell you happened about three months and five days after my dad passed away and exactly three months after my grandfather passed away. It was a difficult time for my family loosing them both only five days apart. I had often asked for just one more chance to see them to talk to them and let them know how much I missed them.

One night it was storming and raining really hard. There were some tornadoes that had been spotted in towns and cities not far from where we lived.
My mother and I were getting ready to leave to go check on my sister. I had to go outside and get the car and put it by the door for my mother. She had broken her ankle and had a cast and couldn't get it wet.

When I went outside the wind and the rain seemed to instantly pick up. Before I could get in the car there was a bright flash of lighting and I ran to the car. As I jumped in and shut the door I felt the car jerk and then there was another flash of lighting even brighter than the last.

Right after the lighting hit I looked over at my uncle's yard and there was a dark figure standing outside by his house. At first I thought it was one of my cousins and I looked closer and realized that the figure was rather strange looking. It stood next to my uncles house and then it began to move.

It started to walk down the alley that ran between our houses and then it started toward my vehicle. I noticed that as it came closer there was nothing touching the ground. As it came closer I noticed that it looked as if it had on a hat.

Then it was walking right beside the car and I looked at there was no one there just a black figure that I could see through almost like smoke. It seemed to look almost like it had shoulders and a torso of a man.

My father wasn't a small man nor was he really large and the figure seemed to match his size except for the missing legs.

I looked around and there was no one else outside but me and everything was pitch black because we had just lost electricity.

As the figure walked by me it just disappeared.

The funny thing was that I wasn't at all scared but comforted by whatever it was.

Later I told my mom what I had seen and she said that she believed I had saw my dad and he was telling me that he was watching me and he was going to protect me from the storm.

Julie, OH, USA
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