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Danni's Goodbye

Sarah, Kentucky, USA
September 2004

My best friend since I was four died about 2 months ago from terminal brain cancer, she was only 20 and at the time I hated her and I hated the Gods/Goddesses (Whatever you want to call them) as I never really got to say goodbye because she was feeling really good before she passed and the doctors were confident that they had gotten all of the tumor out.

Now to really understand my story you have to know the type of person Danielle was, she would put her friends above herself, and she was even willing to give up her treatments because of her family. She was the best person that I have ever known.

I didn't know that she had died until the 26th of June and I was heart broken. When we were younger and we still lived close together we would always take a flashlight and shine it in each others windows kinda like morse code. She would flash her light 4 times for "I love you" and 7 times for "goodnight" and 9 for "Goodbye".

Well after one of our mutual friends called me to tell me that Danni had passed away I was in my room crying at about 4 am. I was hurt and scared and mad that I didn't get to see her or tell her goodbye. Well I finally drifted into an uneasy sleep at about 4:30 my grandmothers dog came in and woke me up at 5 and I will admit that yes I was half asleep but I know what I saw.

I saw Danni standing at the end of my bed and she was holding a flash light and she flashed it at me 4 times to tell me she loved me and another 9 to say goodbye, by this time I was sitting up in bed and as I started to open my mouth to say something She blew me a kiss and was gone.

After that I was strangely calm and I finally drifted into a decent nights sleep where I dreamt of all the fun we had when we were little.

It's been almost 2 months now since she died and I have broken down a few times but then I remember that night and everything seems alright. I guess she couldn't leave without telling me that she would be watching over me.

Sarah, Kentucky, USA
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