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Darkness (The little short demon with red eyes)

April, New Jersey, USA
June 1998

Ialmost fell off my seat when I read "Darkness". the shadow they refer to is very similar to the entity that I had encountered and coincidently the girl's name in Darkness is April my name is also April. Well here is my story:

This story takes place in my bedroom when I was about 11 years old. I was not at all sleepy and decided to play with my doll which was on my nightstand, after awhile of playing with my doll I started to become sleepy so I rolled over, as I turned and reached the middle of my bed I came face to face with the most evil demonic red eyes. I was frozen with fear, this evil spirit was only two feet high with a black body stiff as a statue (that was always my name for it) then it proceeded to tell me in an eerie voice "I'm going to get you!, I'm going to get you!" this voice grew louder until I screamed and ran out of the room. I told my parents and they said it was just a dream, this is not the only incident, the windows would open by themselves, and sometimes my sister and I would hear a baby crying. Also one time my sister was climbing the stairs to the room and something grabbed her leg. My parents room is across the hall from this room and after the incident I was watching TV on the floor and something like a hand grabbed my back and left a red welt on me.

To put an end to this supposed dream, 15 years later I went to see a psychic who proceeded to tell me that the dream I had when I was a little girl was not a dream that in fact it was real, I never mentioned this too him, how could he have known?......unless this truly did happen.

April, New Jersey, USA
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