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Darkness Shows Something

Venkatesh, India
October 2011

This is Venki from India and what we call ghosts or sprits whatever a paranormal thing is real. These are not fake entities but there world is different than us which we can't see so we are not supposed to understand. I am not a psychologist and not even any person can see them or feel them. I am 23 and have seen these sprits two times in my life. These are 100% true incidents believe me.

Now coming to story. Please read it carefully and understand. For any query contact me on

Story 1: Nightmare on my friend's street.

When I was in 4th class, I went to my friend's house to take a notes of English in which we have to complete homework. I gave my notes from the morning in school to him but forgot to take them back. That night I realized I should complete my homework, otherwise my nightmare teacher will kill me. So I went to his house for notes and I am bit lucky that I have got 1 experience with ghost. Actually I and my brother both went over there and we stood in front of his house and start calling him. But the house's main door was closed and the time was near 10 PM. We started calling him again and we saw straight that one person was coming towards us from that road end, an area was underdeveloped.

We can clearly see and differentiate that this is something different than a normal person and we realized one dog is standing beside us and continuously start screaming. My bro told me to wait don't run let that object to come towards us. And we stood there and allowed it to come near us. Then it came at the distance of 15 ft, below a street light and clearly we can see that it's not a human being, it's a paranormal thing. It's actually a women looking thing but she didn't have face, just a black spot on her face and in white dress. We both ran towards our house and as we opened the gate we heard some voice in very high volume (a girl screaming ). But only we heard, nobody else, and we told this happening to our parents but they did not give much stress on this incident.

We forgot that incident but one day afterwards we were watching a horror movie at home. After the movie we had a small discussion on this topic then suddenly I remembered we saw sprit in my childhood. I told that story again to my parents and my bro also continued it and told them about that girl scream also then I realized what I remembered and what we saw was a real sprit.

Story 2: A Stranger in the Road

This story occured three years back. Me and my mom went to my native a small village in Anadra Pradesh near Vijaynagaram. Two hours journey from Vijaynagaram, we have completed our tour and we got a train at night 12.00 am on some date did not remember exactly. So we thought night 12.00 means come in another day but my father told me on phone it's on other day night but we thought train will come this night.

Nobody is 100% confirmed and railway authority is also not responding properly and railway timetable changed in that month only so we thought why should we take risk and we went to railway station. But later we come to know that train will arrive on next day night. Then we decide to stay there to try to get back home but it's 12.30 near about and nothing was running, not any buses or anything.

Suddenly one auto came near us and asked us were we needed to go. We had to choose between home or hotel and finally decided to go home. We asked him to take us home and he agrees because at night it will not take more than hour as there will be no traffic. But he agrees for double rate. And we also agree to go home rather than spend money on any room for just 7-8 hours.

Here the real story begins. Me, my mom and my uncle were in the car's back seat and driver along with his friend in the front. We were started discussing about railways fault and other stuff. And after a half hour we were on a straight road with no lights, no villages, nothing. We were moving near about 40 KPH and we saw one person standing in the road moving his hand up and down. I said the driver to stop the car and pick him up also. Driver start reducing speed and when we reached nearer to him we saw that he is not a human being but some unnatural thing looking like a man but something other than human world which is difficult to explain. He is in white dress moving his hand, smiling continuously and his eyes were completely red. The driver raises the speed of the car and that abnormal man tried to catch us and missed. I looked back but it was completely dark and I wasn't able to see anything. Then my mom and me were looking at one another without saying anything and there was complete silence in our auto.

After 5 minutes the driver said he is not a man not even human a being. He is a sprit a ghost. We are lucky that we saved our life otherwise this road is famous for accidents.

Now I come to know why that road is famous for accident because that road is being haunted. Many people near our home knows that road is haunted but they disclosed it after the incident took place. Believe me its true I saw them I don't know how I am able to saw this weird things but I had experience two times, maybe it's my ability.

Venkatesh, India
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