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Death Is Only The Beginning

July 2004

My name is Cierra Parrott I am fourteen years old. I experienced this scary and shocking event when I moved into my new home.

It all started when I first moved in the house. I was walking around when I suddenly heard a ball bouncing in the basement. I thought it was my stupid big brother trying to creep me out. I decided to go downstairs to check it out. I kept hearing the ball bounce and then it suddenly stopped. I heard a small giggle. I turned around and saw a little girl. She wore an old fashioned pink dress. She had white stockings on and her hair was in pig tails. She was very pale. She had pink ribbons in her hair. My eyes grew enormous and she held the ball firmly in her grasp. I just watched in shock. She came up towards me and smiled. I said "hi" to her and she giggled again. I knew she was a ghost. I could sense it for some reason and the basement grew cold. I asked her how she died and she just glared at me. She started crying and dropped the ball. She ran past me and stopped towards a small closet. I walked towards her and she spoke. She said that "Death was only the beginning" I gasped and ran upstairs.

My grandma was in the living room helping my mom with the furniture. I told my grandma about what I saw. She smiled and hugged me. She whispered that it was a gift to see the dead. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say to her at all.

That night I went to my new room. I had to sleep on the floor since we first moved in. I sighed and couldn't sleep. My room got cold again. My closet door opened a bit. I sat up and quickly opened it. I saw the girl again! She started chanting "Death is only the beginning" I thought screaming would help so I cried out for my mother. She ran upstairs and asked what was wrong. I told her about the girl. She told me it was a dream.

Now I've gotten over it. I'm used to the ghost now. She comes by every now and then, but now we have a new spirit in the house. It's evil...and it calls to me every now and then. It too says that death is only the beginning. It whispers my name in the darkness at night. I fear it. I don't know what to do anymore...

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