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Don't Know What To Think Any More

February 2003

I've had a few supernatural or unexplainable experiences which I have submitted in the past. Usually, these experiences didn't concern me too much (except The Visitor- I now know that was nothing more than a sleeping disorder). However, recent events have me a bit rattled and I'm not so sure what to think anymore.

It is fun to think you might have a spirit in your house. You know, the one who is always leaving the light on or taking your keys when it is actually you who has forgotten to flip that switch or put down something and you just can't remember where. We've all done that. Sometimes we even give these 'ghosts' a name. Well, here, we call him George. My husband thinks it is ridiculous and from his viewpoint, I can't blame him. After all, I am a bit, well, odd. BUT I didn't actually believe "George" was real. Now, I'm not so sure.

We have had a bit of a problem with electrical gadgets lately. The toaster blew sparks at my younger son (that, however, is explainable-the toaster was gettin' a bit old), lights have been left on without anyone turning them on (or so the boys say-hmmmmmmm-take that one with a grain of salt), my garage door stops midway when opening or closing it (ok! now, that one is odd!), the thermostat has gone nuts (I'm clueless on this one) to name a few. Really strange!

I was sitting on my couch, just channel surfing on the TV. It seemed a bit too cold in the room so I asked my older son to read what the thermostat said (he was standing next to it anyway). He said it read 68 degrees but was set to 90. I never set it that high! EVER! I told him to lower it. He did. Then I felt a cold draft coming down from the corner of the ceiling. Thinking it was just my imagination, I asked my son if he felt it. He said only where I was sitting. He checked the fireplace, the window and the door. None of them produced a draft. But there was definitely a draft.

A little while later, the room got uncomfortably hot. Again, I asked my son to check the thermostat. Now, it was reading 88 and set again to 90! At that point, I turned off the heater completely. I don't know why it went berserk.

This got me to thinking about the other strange stuff. Not just electrical either. Both my registration and insurance card for my car were missing from my glove compartment and I KNOW I put them in there. I wouldn't neglect those important pieces of paper. But then something very upsetting happened.

I had some errands to run. When I came back, my oldest son told me he had some trouble with the door leading to the garage. He said he was trying to come back inside the house when the door slammed shut on his chest, pinning him. He couldn't seem to open the door. It was as if something was holding it against him. I asked him if one of the dogs was in the way. Nope. How about your little brother? Nope, he was upstairs playing on his Playstation. Could it had been the wind? Well, the wind had shut it a couple of times prior to his entering but this time, there was no wind. Huh? I needed more info. Start from the beginning! Ok. He was taking out some garbage (we keep our garbage containers in the garage) and the garage door on the left was open. He had closed the door but the wind had slammed it open again. Ok. So far, nothing too extraordinary. The door sometimes doesn't close all the way. Then it slammed shut again. Hmmmm. Might be wind but he said it slammed harder closing than opening. Odd. Then, he went to go back inside, turned the doorknob and pushed it open, got halfway inside when the door closed forcefully on him. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt.

I don't want to over-react and start panicking. I don't like jumping to conclusions as I may be totally off-base. However, I'm wondering if there really is some sort of presence here. I'm more worried for my children's sake than my own. IF (and that's a big IF) there is a presence, did it attack my son? If so, now I have reason to be very worried. 'It' may not be a friendly spirit. I don't know. I wish I did.

OR this could all be coincidental and have nothing to do with the supernatural.

I'm goin' BONKERS here!

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