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Door Opened

March 2006

Sometimes I think I was either dreaming it or it was all in my imagination but it was so real. My husband's father had been deceased for about three months or so, we did not get a chance to attend the funeral as he lived in Mexico. Our daughter was too young to remember him but several months after his passing she started playing with "The old man" has she called him. She would spend many afternoons talking eating and watching movies with 'him' in her room. It kind of bothered me but I just let it go.

My husband travels a lot so we spend many nights alone. On this particular night I was up like always watching TV this was around 1 or 1:30 am.
I can remember it like it was yesterday, I felt this tapping on my shoulder and I could hear in a whisper, "Check the front door!" I thought I was feeling and hearing things and I just ignored it, went back to watching TV. But still I got up to check on the baby, she was sound asleep. Not even five minutes later I felt this horrible pushing on my right shoulder and the voice said once more "??Maria, check the front door!!!" It scared me so much that I jumped up from the bed went around the house turned on all the lights and then I came to the front door and the front door was half way opened!

I could not go back to sleep that night! When I told my husband he just looked at me and told me what had happened to him before he left on his trip. We had been going through some hard financial situation and he said that while he sat at the kitchen table he was thinking of his dad and how he had not said goodbye and how he was able to make things meet with seven kids. He says he said help me, just at that moment he said that he felt a tight squeeze on his shoulder. He felt scared but at the same time such calmness. He never said any thing to me until I told him what had happened to me that weekend.

I want to believe that it was his father keeping an eye out for his son and his family.

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