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Driving Home (2)

Jez, Victoria, Australia
April 2006

My husband I were returning late evening around 21.00 from a visit to my parents in the country on a Sunday. The traffic was moderate and the normal Bus service was also running (I had passed it a few min's earlier), the weather clear and road conditions were good. We were chatting in the car, as you do about the inane in life.
As we approached the edge of a town there was a bus-stop to the left hand side of the road, the traffic behind was approx 500 meters away but good lighting, when to my surprise and confusion a young girl sprinted at the car. I was expecting her to hit the car, but her hand went through the front left hand fender with no noise as you'd expect, as I turned my head to the left to look at her her body was literally in the car, not on the out side, but in the car, then nothing before my eyes. Her look was strange to say the least, she was wearing a white windcheater with navy stripe down the arms and tracksuit pants dark with a white stripe down the side of the legs, her hair was a blonde bob and she had very pale skin, but the look on her face will haunt me forever. Her eyes were crazy and wide, and her mouth open as if screaming, but all the light coloured clothing had a violet/pale gray hue, and her skin was a pale gray.

Hubby and I were instantly silent for some time as I continued to drive on, then after approximately 30 or so seconds I said to him "did you see that?", he replied "just keep driving".

I continued toward home and then all of a sudden he just about burst with the fact that I had not swerved in to the dirt which had confused him as that was the reaction he expected. I wanted to confirm what I had seen with what he had witnessed, we both agreed on all accounts. If I had been on my own I probably would have swerved in to the dirt where an accident would of occured, but for some unknown reason at that time I did not, it probably saved our lives.

After returning home I called my Father and asked had there been any accidents reported on that strip of road, and then told him what had happened.
He advised that he'd check it out.

The next day he called and told us what had happened 12 months earlier to the day. A young 14 year old girl, off her face with drugs, had been playing chicken on the road most of the day, the Police had taken her home on many occasions that day and she had gone back to the same spot. At 21:00 a bus had hit her and killed her. He described the description of her and what she had been wearing and all of it was exactly the same. It was her on her anniversary, doing a replay.

I can tell you it gave us a fright but not scare, as in our jobs we deal with and have dealt with many unexplained issues, but this was explained and justified.

Jez, Victoria, Australia
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