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Duplex By The Cemetery

May 2001

I have seen and experienced so many strange and unexplainable things in my life but I still remain skeptical about the existence of ghost but I think it has a lot to do with the way our society in a whole tries views the subject.

Anyways, here is one of my experiences. Although my mother didn't believe me at the time, it really did happen.

My parents divorced when I was about nine. Because of my father's bitterness about the divorce and my mother moving us 1000 miles away from him, he didn't pay child support.

At the time, my mother didn't have any real skills outside of being the mother of five. So needless to say, we were poor. We lived in this tiny duplex that was located right next to a cemetery and I do mean right next to the cemetery. The graves started maybe 30 feet from our living room window. Needless to say, it was creepy. Other than a few spooky incidences, it was just that...creepy.

I will never forget, it was the night before the superbowl game. My stepdad (her boyfriend at the time) was really into football and our home team was playing. We were all really excited about it. My mother and my stepdad had gone out for the evening, leaving all of us kids at home. I was 10 yrs old at the time and my little sister was 3 years old. We had a little peanut brittle left that my mom had made for Christmas. My little sister had asked me to get her a piece. I was a very small 10 year old, so I had to stand on the little stool my mom had in the kitchen to reach the peanut brittle. As I pulled the tin to the edge of the counter, I remember hearing a noise come from the cabinet above my head. I don't remember exactly what I saw but I do remember seeing the dishes that began flying out of the cabinet and smashing on the wall across the room. I honestly don't remember what I saw before but I do remember grabbing my baby sisters arm and dragging her out of the kitchen crying.

As we were heading out of the kitchen, we were met by our older brother and sister. I don't know what they saw besides the dishes flying across the room but they were out the front door and over the fence to our neighbours who heard the noise of the dishes smashing and met them at the door.

We told them our story and they called the place my parents were at. Of course, my mother didn't believe our story and we were grounded for a whole two weeks for breaking the dishes that were her grandmothers. We were all so scared that we piled into one bed that night. I had a hard time sleeping. I saw a dark shadow of what appeared to be a person, I thought it was my mom, so I closed my eyes and pretend to be sleeping. All of the sudden, I heard the sliding closet doors swinging back and forth. I opened my eyes to see why my mother would be doing that but she wasn't one was there but I did see the doors slamming back and forth on there own.

We had a street light across the street from us so our room actually had a lot of light. I was so scared that I pulled the cover over my head. I didn't really sleep much that night and as soon as it was late enough in the morning, I begged to go over to my aunts house. I spent the day over there and watched the game over there. I think my stepdad was a little disappointed but if I had any choose in the matter, I would have never gone back to that duplex again. Fortunately, not long after that we moved to a bigger house in a better neighbourhood.

We'll that is just one of several experiences I have had. Some scary and some not. Thank you for reading my story.

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