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Elevator Ghost

Arizona, USA
March 2000

I work as a credit analyst for a major charge card in Phoenix. My family always has had the gift for the paranormal, but refuses to follow it through. Every once in awhile events happen that we can not ignore. Here is one of mine.

At the beginning of Oct. my friend and I, who always went on break together, went to the elevator to go down stairs. Just as we turned the corner to the elevators I saw someone get on and the door shut. I then pressed the button and the same elevator opened (we have three). This means the elevator never went down. When the doors open there was no one on the elevator. When the door closed I saw three reflections in the door. Even though there was only my friend and I in the elevator. I learned from past if the other person does not mention it you don't. The third reflection was distorted because of how the doors were made. This figure was about six feet tall, had on beige pants and blue shirt. I was unable to make the sex or facial features of the person. This event happened at least once a day for the next several weeks.

One day in Nov. my friend and I got into the elevator during one of these events. My friend stated that she swore she saw someone enter the elevator and that isn't the first time. We started to discussing this event every time it happen. My friend did not see the reflection in the door. This also happen with my friend whom I carpool with. I advised him that this is a normal occurrence that happens at least once a day.

In Jan.2000 (4 months later) I took off some time (3weeks) with a illness. When I returned I no longer saw this person enter the elevator. When I asked my friend if she still saw it, she stated not since the middle of Jan.. Riding to work with my carpool buddy we were talking on different subjects and he asked me if I knew Marge in collections? I advised him that I would have to see her. Our place of work is so big you know people by face mostly. He then advised me that that would be very hard because she died the second week of Jan..I asked him if he could describe her. His description is as follows about six feet tall. Always wore pants. I than asked how and where she died. Come to find out she died at work on the elevator of a heart attack. I could not find out what she was wearing. But I bet it was blue shirt and beige pants. To this day none of us have seen this person enter the elevator.

Arizona, USA
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