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Entering An Indian Grave

James Spiotto, Arkansas, USA
June 2000

Iam James Spiotto and I'm 13, but i was 12 when this happened, and no one believes my story, but I swear it is true, although I DO NOT have any evidence to its truth.

I live in Clanrksville, Arkansas, and when I was in Boy Scouts, we went on a trip to this place I wish to leave anonymous for my own reasons, but I will describe the place.

It was in the woods, but in some areas there were no trees, but tall rigged cliffs, not like mountains or anything, just tall cliffs, and some caves here and there.

My uncle and his friends found this small cave they found a "cool" place to hangout at. So I decided to find my own "cool" cave for me and my friends, so I went looking and stuff. I found this crack in the rock, about 2 feet tall and tried to go in feet first. When I got the bottom half of my body in, I realised it was a straight drop. So I went and got Zach (who had a lot of Indian in him himself). He got a flashlight and crawled in, we saw him drop from the opening. Then he came out as fast as he could white as a ghost himself and scared to death. He said he saw skeletons and pottery and writing on the way in there (and no I never went in). That's why most people never believe me.

Well at first I thought he was joking, then I realized he was serious. That's when stuff got weird. But only for me and Zach. You see, when I was looking down the hill we was on, I saw what I thought was a real Indian, waving at us, but in a weird way. No one else saw him, then Zach asks me what I saw, I told him, then he replied "holy shit I see him to!" and he ran down the hill. I was real scared, I mean real scared. So I ran on after him. But he ran so fast I didn't see where he went and I took a right between 2 tall cliffs. When I ran there, it was like being surrounded by tall cliffs with a ditch going all around me at the foot of the cliffs. But I had a really weird feeling. So I just stood there yelling for Zach. Then I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned around I saw a mean looking Indian, with a stick about a foot long with a big red ball at the end and 2 feathers hanging around it. I screamed. And when I turned around the ditches were filled with Indians with bows raised pointing in my direction! When I turned around the first Indian waved the stick and acted like he was going to swing at me, but just then Zach came running up from the way I had come and first got into this place, so I ran up the hill after him, looking behind for the Indians, but they never followed me? Anyway when I got to Zach he was scared to death, and Zach never gets scared. I told him what I saw, and everyone but Zach laughed at me.

Zach was curious about the stick. He told me it was a "coop stick" I dont know if that is true or not, but I believed him, he said it was used for killing. I continued to see Indians everywhere until left.

I never went back. But ever since then I can feel the presence of ghosts and sometimes see them out of the corner out of my eye. I was looking up ghosts when I found this site, and I thought that maybe I can finally tell people who belive me, so I hope this gets posted.

I don't wanna be told I'm a liar every time. I don't know if my story makes sense. But its 100% true. I hope you all enjoy my story and believe in it.

James Spiotto, Arkansas, USA
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