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Evil Eyes/Winter Ghost

September 2000

This story took place two or three years ago at about 9:00 or 10:00.

Once when my family was helping our friends move into their new home me (10) my two brothers(13 and 15) and our friends kids Nicole(12), Chris(14) and Matt(5) were playing outside in the street by the old nursing home.

Nicole walked over to me and said "Stacy, do you see that?" And I said "See what?" Nicole answered me by saying "Those red eyes. Over by the nursing home."

So I looked and saw these little beady red eyes staring at us and they had an evil look to them. My brothers Kyle and Brian noticed we were looking at something so they asked us what we were staring at. I told them we were looking at read beady eyes by the nursing home and they did not believe us so they went back to playing with Chris and Matt.

All of a sudden the eyes began to move towards us. Nicole screamed and that's when the others saw them. We all started to run down the street towards the house. Matt being five years old at the time was very slow so my brother Brian being the oldest (15) had to run back and grab Matt and carry him back.

When we finally got back to the house Kyle and Chris looked back and watched as the eyes slowly disappeared.

Since then we have never gone by the nursing home at night ever again.

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