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Evil Watcher

Toni, New South Wales, Australia
February 2004

When I first moved out of home and had my very first flat, the last thing I expected was for it to be haunted.

It was only a small 2 bedroom flat in Leeton, NSW, made of brick and rendered with only 2 external windows.

I moved in with my fiance and we made friends with our neighbours quickly.

From the first night we stayed there I felt uneasy, as though I was being watched. This was particularly strong in the kitchen at any time of the day, but especially at night whilst my fiance was on night shift.

The presence was very strong in our unused bedroom which had a window looking directly into the kitchen. At times I would catch what I thought was the curtains moving, and as I had no animals and there being no other windows into that room, there was no way they could move. I also kept the door to that room shut at all times.

In this room all I had was an old wardrobe with a functioning lock, a spare bed and a mirror. One day that I was in that room to put some things away, a loud banging started up from inside the wardrobe, as though someone had been locked in there and was trying to get out. As I knew that I was definitely the only person home, I vacated the room quickly.

Another time the wardrobe door sounded as though it had been hit and flew open with such force it almost closed itself again. On both these occasions the wardrobe was locked. The banging of the wardrobe would happen on and off for the duration of our stay until we left 3 months later.

Sometimes you would hear the shower at the other end of the flat turn itself on and off also. This seemed to be it's favourite plaything other than me.

Most times also when I went to have a shower I could see a large dark silhouette of a man standing in the closed doorway watching me. This figure took up all of the doorway, with only small gaps between the shoulders and the top of the door frame.

Most nights whist in bed lights would flash over the ceiling. At first I thought it was car headlights beaming in, and some may have been this, but their path was not always the same. Some nights it would start on a section of the roof where no light from the outside could get to.

The scariest things that I have encountered was when it would slowly run a hand up my leg, starting near my ankle up to just past my knee. It was so cold and would scare me so much that I would leave my flat in the middle of the night and go to my grandmothers house about 1km away.
It would also pull the sheets off you in the night, with often you waking up to feel them inching down the bed.

One morning, not long before we moved out, I was lying in bed and my fiance had gone up the street to get something, when I thought he had returned and was being silly. I hadn't heard him come in, but assumed it was him. Whatever it was, was now walking around and around on the bed behind me. This thing had weight enough to be able to be making the bed bounce as if it were you or I. Again I took off out of there as quickly as I could.

One morning I was sitting on the bed when I happened to look up at the wall for no particular reason. I saw a mans face in the render on the wall. He had a beard and moustache and short hair. It had never been there before, but I looked at it for quite a while. I showed my fiance who had been thinking I'd been going nuts for months as nothing really happened to him until about our last month there. It was only there for about 5 minutes before it was gone.
The face never returned.

The flat often had cold spots throughout it, no matter what the time of the day. I tried to tell the landlady that there was something very wrong there but she didn't believe me.

My grandmother asked a minister friend in the Blue Mountains to pray for us to help. At the same time we put crosses above all of the doorways and asked it to leave in the name of Jesus. This seemed to keep it quiet, but not gone until we left.

My cousin and his pregnant girlfriend then moved into the flat as it was cheap rent. They also didn't stay long as they had things moving around the flat as well as all this above.

Now my cousin went into that place thinking I was full of it, but he came out a believer and not much scares him! He maintains also that there was something evil in that flat.

Now the next tenants were not so lucky. They had a small boy about 2 years old. This flat was only just around the corner from the towns major park. It was not long after they had moved in that tragedy struck them.

In the early hours one morning, the father took his son to this park and cut his throat with a butter knife and left him to die. It came out in the hearings that he had been hearing voices and had been told to do it. In most cases I would say that yeah ok he's just trying to plead insanity and so on. But this man loved this little boy immensely.

Both my cousin, family and I both felt that what he had said was probably very true as the evil in that flat was strong.He was also a local man which most people knew. I feel angry that the landlady did not believe us and that this poor family were unfortunate enough to rent this flat.

Toni, New South Wales, Australia
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