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Experience That Scared My Husband

Andrea Fraser, BC, Canada
June 2009

This happened in Kamloops about ten years ago, shortly after I had started going out with my husband Keith in 1999. I had a dream and in the dream we were in his parents' house, 798 Ridgeview Terrace where my husband was living at the time and his parents were not home, but Keith and I were at the house and suddenly we heard noises coming from the basement of the house which is right underneath the kitchen.

The back door is right at the corner of the kitchen and the top of the basement stairs. We cautiously went to investigate and we seen two women we did not know in the basement and they got really excited and spoke to us as if they didn't know they were in Keith's house and they exclaimed to us, "Keith! Andrea! How are you? We haven't seen you for a long time!" and for some reason I knew they were ghosts, but Keith didn't and then I got really scared and I was trying as hard as I could but it was one of those slow motion dreams and I could not get up the stairs out of the basement as fast as I wanted to.

I told Keith about my dream and he looked right at me. He said that was interesting I would tell him that. I asked him why and he told me a creepy story. He told me that when the pool in his neighbor's back yard, which at one time was his back yard before the city divided it into lots, was being dug, the land almost became a historic site as the skeletons of two Indians were uncovered. The neighbor's pool behind the fence is at the most only 20 feet away from the back door and what else is very creepy is I swam in that very same pool as a 3 to 6 year old when my Aunt lived in that house.

Andrea Fraser, BC, Canada
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