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June 2001

I'm Jennifer. At the moment I'm twelve years old. On my mother's side of the family there have been many people with psychic abilities. Knowing things that will happen, feeling presences, seeing them, etc. My father's side has also had a couple experiences that I know of. So, that pretty much leaves me open to those things, right? Well, here are my stories and some others from my family.

The first strange thing I remember was when I was around five years old, my neighbours in Florida on one side of the street beside us were an old woman and a teenager (I think she was) that had a disease from a mosquito bite that did something to her brain that left her mentally retarded (obviously some form of Encephalitis was the cause). I always played with her. She wrote in a letter once that I was a little "angle" (as she spelled it). ^_- Anyway, it was the first and only time (so far) that I saw an aura.

One day that I was at their house I looked at the old woman and saw colors of the rainbow. I didn't find out until later that I had seen an aura, though. My mother said that the old woman saw a white aura around me. I think Mom also said that the woman was a retired person who practiced certain things.

Next, when I was about seven years of age I saw the weirdest thing. Sure I saw some of those things that catch the corner of your eye running down the hallway that I still see sometimes today. Sure I felt something pecking at my nose that I just could have been imagining after my brother's pet parakeet died. Sure my autistic brother was laughing at something in a corner that we couldn't see almost every single time he went upstairs. The weirdest things happened in that house that we moved into in Louisiana. To me, my family, and whoever else (including neighbours, I'll get into that later).

The weirdest thing that happened to me, though was one night when I was laying on the couch. I was having a nightmare with a little girl in my dream that was holding some sort of insect that sprayed me in the eyes with acid or something. I opened my eyes and saw him. It was a rotund man who seemed to be in a conductor's clothing. He had one of those hats on, overalls, and a striped shirt. He was leaning against the mirror frame and looking around the room. I was totally confused. He was completely see through, he was glowing orange, he had no face. After a couple of seconds I finally asked. "Dad?" I was not sure if it was my father or older brother (the one that is not autistic) although the presence was much too fat to be either. The presence stopped looking around and fixed its gaze on me. I blinked a couple times. Each time the image getting thinner and thinner and then disappeared. I walked or ran from the couch into my parents' room and woke up my dad. I asked him if he had just been out there and he said he hadn't. My mother and big brother believed me.

Here are some other peoples' experiences. This experience that I'm telling you now took place in a house before the last one in Louisiana.

My mother was asleep in her room with Dad. Something made her open her eyes out of a deep sleep. What she saw scared her so bad that she could not speak. She said she saw a small creature in the wall. It was something so strange that she could barely explain it to me later on. I think she said it looked almost like a little man or something. After it left she said she pounded on my dad to wake him up. He didn't believe her and said it was just a dream. Yeah right!!!

My older brother came into the room and woke her up because he had been outside smoking cigarettes when he saw (what?......take a wild guess!) a little creature that Mom had described walking along the yard outside that same night. It had to be real. I'm not going into anymore detail about what the thing may have been because it would take way too long to explain.

Going back to the house I was talking about earlier that I saw the ghost in my big brother had more experiences. He was alone in the house while we were getting situated in Ohio in an apartment. He has a very, very long history of freaky things happening. Well, (according to what he said) he saw or heard something every, or almost every, night we were gone. He heard footsteps there coming from (dum dum dum) upstairs where I never felt comfortable and my brother laughed hysterically at ... nothing.

One night he saw something move my white first communion dress. He also felt something sit on the bed that could have been the girl's mother that I'll write about. He thought he felt something feel his head in the manner that it might be feeling if it was hot or not. I think he also said that he felt the bed levitate off the ground or he levitated off the bed or something.

The strangest thing that I think he talked about was in one of his dreams. It was a girl maybe a teenager that was extremely spoiled. She was furious at him because she wanted her toys. He said he saw a doll house she wanted, and other things including (*gulp*) a toy rocking horse that my dad had dug out of the ground and given to me.

Once when my friend's mother came to the house to check on the pool, when we were gone, she felt this horrible feeling that someone or something was staring at her. She looked at the shed door in our yard and saw it was open when it had been closed and high-tailed it out of there.

The neighbours also said something was in that house.

Many more things have happened since then, but the newest one to happen to me was before we went on a trip to Florida.

Once again I was fast asleep on the couch when something made me suddenly wake up and jerk my head around behind me and see a white blur standing a few feet away from me. I lay awake for awhile and finally looked behind me again. Nothing was there. Well, that's as much as I'm gonna tell you for now. 'Till then watch out for the dead and the undead. Farewell.

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