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Family Related Ghost Problem

Spencer Carter , OK, USA
September 2000

Hey, this may sound... odd, but if it's alright, I am asking you to trust me on what I am about to tell you.

Over the past few years, my father's brother , my Uncle Richard, my Aunt Dianne, and my Grandmother Erma all have encountered either a ghost, or something worse. Let me give you a few examples, but it is night, and I do not want to freak myself out, so I am going to say this calmly... oh forget that, lets go on with the frightening way to tell it.

One night, Uncle Dick, and Aunt Dianne were sleeping in their 2 story house in Tulsa. It was around 2 in the morning when Dick heard a noise that woke him up. When his eyes adjusted, he saw in front of him, a transparent Indian with a giant axe/tomahawk held in the air, ready to be taken down. My Uncle closed his eyes and inhaled, hoping that it wouldn't be his last breath. He opened his eyes and the chief was gone. Not scary enough? Heh, theres more to this story.

Another night, Dick was coming home from somewhere, work maybe, and he pulled in his driveway. He had noticed that the living room light was on, for he saw someone walk through the room, casting a shadow against the curtains. He passed this on as Dianne. Once he finished his cigarette, he walked inside the house and called for his wife. ... no response. He looked inside the garage and found that Dianne's car was not there. Dick was frightened about what he saw in the window. Up to this day, he has not told any more about it..

Now it's time to hear about weird things that has happened to Aunt Dianne.

Once again, during night (late), Dianne walked in her house and was in need of going to the bathroom. She decided to take the bathroom in the hallway. She knew that no one was home at the time, so she left the bathroom door open. While she was.. uh... returning nature's call, she looked at the hallway wall outside the bathroom, and saw a dark as night black shadowy figure walk right past her very slowly. She was so frightened that she couldn't scream... or go to the bathroom for that matter. Even I wish to forget that encounter. Now my hypothesis to all these encounters is that I believe that their house is built upon some burial ground. Now we leave this house and go to one more victim: my grandmother. Grandma Erma has lived in her house for more then 40 years, and she is looking upon eighty years old, so please don't pass her following encounter off as "old age illusion" One morning, when she was asleep, she woke up, and beside her bed was a young boy around seven years of age, smiling with angelic glow, then he disappeared. Grandma was not frightened at all, but filled with joy. Now for my last story I know from them, Grandma was sleeping on the living room sofa one time, and me and my father were gone out to eat. When we got back, grandma asked us when we left again. We said we had only left once and that was it. She said "No, I saw you both walk down the hallway. Spencer even looked at me. I said hi, but he did not respond" And I told her that wasn't me, but only probably a dream she had. I wasn't sure if I needed to put that or not, but oh well. Plus, she had claimed she had seen more ghosts after the first one. I think they are angels telling her that her time is coming soon, but that was like a year ago. Well sorry I didn't end this story with a big finale, but do keep in mind everything I had told you is 100% true.

Thanks for reading and goodnight.

Spencer Carter , OK, USA
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