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Feelings Of Unease

Stacey, Louisiana, USA Name Here
February 2002

This is not a story about one single experience, but rather about multiple experiences over a period of 6 months.

My husband and I were renting a house in a remote town in Arkansas called Enola. This house was set on an acre of land and the countryside around it was heavily wooded.

The paved road ran in front of it and across the road was a large cattle pasture. Many nights we heard coyote howling from that pasture. Next to the house was a dirt road which ran past and up and behind it, leading to a small cemetery. And directly behind the house, right outside of the fence, was a small pond.

The first experience we had was when my husband lost his wedding band. He swore he had left it on the nightstand,but we searched high and low and couldn't find it. Two days later it turned up, on top of the dresser, right in the middle in plain sight. There was no way we could have missed it if it had been there the entire time.

About 3 weeks after that, I went to bed early one night while my husband stayed awake to watch TV. He had the front door open so a breeze could come through the screen. The screen door had a pane of glass in it right below the screen. He was sitting on the couch facing the door and glanced up to see the reflection of a woman "floating" down the hall towards the bedroom. The hall light was on and he could see the woman as plain as could be expected through a glass window. Thinking it was me, he got up and came down the hall, intent on ribbing me because the sight had momentarily spooked him, but when he got to the bedroom I was sound asleep.

Nothing unusual happened for about another month.

One night the dogs were howling in their pen out back. My husband (he is about 6'1", 250lbs of muscle, ex-Army and Navy, and not really prone to be easily frightened) went out in the yard to see what they were barking at. He came back inside about 5 minutes later, white as a sheet and when I asked what was wrong he said he had seen two "filmy" white things floating through the woods up towards the cemetery. He said they looked like elongated mists of fog, kind of transparent, and definitely moving. I asked if they were near the pond, maybe they were just that, fog coming off the pond, but he said no, they were on the other side of the road going towards the cemetery and there was no wind to blow them along if indeed they were just wisps of fog.

The last thing that happened was the most disturbing. One of our cats had gone missing for a few days and on the third day that he was gone I had a dream that the cat was dying and calling for me to help him. The next day I told my husband that maybe he should look under the house as the cat still hadn't come home. He found the cat dead under the house, he had bitten through his tongue and his eyes were wide open, almost with a look of fright on his face, if a cat can have a look of fright. This was not an old cat, nor was he sick in any way that we knew of. the spooky thing about it was that he was found directly underneath our bedroom, right under the area where my side of the bed is.

We moved from that house not long after.

Stacey, Louisiana, USA Name Here
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