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Felicity's Song

Angilina-Rose, London, UK
November 2007

It was the 1st anniversary of my twin sister, Felicity's, death. At the time I was 11 and I was ovewhelmed with grief. We had invited our Aunt Maureen and her son, Antony, to stay, as Felicity and I were always like daughters to Aunty Maureen.
We were supposed to be having a celebration dinner to remember all the good times we had with Felicity, and to celerbrate her passing over (we're a very superstitious family and believe deeply in the afterlife etc.). No one had uttered so much as a word since sitting at the table. It was a very awkward silence. Suddenly there was an intense blast of heat, (my sister died in a fire) and suddenly, a sweet as sugar voice echoed around the room, making tears well in my eyes. In was the unmistakable voice of Felicity singing her favourite song, London bridge is falling down.

This was the only time we were completely certain that she had contacted us, so I guess that now she truly has passed over.

I dedicate this story to Felicity, a loving sister, daughter, cousin & niece.

To felicity, we will never forget you!

Angilina-Rose, London, UK
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