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Female Spirit

August 2004

I live in Montreal and six years ago moved into a bungalow. It is 30 something years old. Strange male voices speaking in French are sometimes heard. Only thing is they are muffled. I used to rush to the windows and look outside, I no longer bother as there is never anyone there when this happens and I am usually alone in the house.

One day I mentioned in front of my young daughter that I sometimes hear strange muffled voices. She said she hears them too. I said who do you hear? She said sounds like two men speaking French!

One night the sound of footsteps across the roof of my bedroom terrified me. I ran out in my backyard and no one was up there. Sometimes a thick white mist that appears to be a lady with long brown hair and shredded white dress floats around the side of the house.

One morning my spouse and I awoke exactly at 5AM not knowing why, we went into the kitchen to have coffee. When we glanced at the side door there it was, he saw it and said what is that? I was glad he saw her.

One night last Autumn I did the nightly rounds and locked all the doors. I began to read on the sofa and fell asleep. The side door burst open with such a forceful gust of wind that I literally lifted myself into running position and ran to slam the door. My heart was in my mouth! This week while on the net I was dozing off sitting at the computer, it was around 11pm everyone was asleep when my eyes were heavy and closing, the lid from the smoke detector went crashing to the ground two feet from where I was seated. Last month the mist vibrated through the mirror door in my bedroom at 3am I opened my eyes and she was coming straight at me making a vibrating sound. Then only the sound of buzzing could be heard. What this spook loves is to shock me.

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