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First Experience in This House.

Yesenia, FL, USA
April 2011

It’s 7:10 am right now, Saturday March 5th, 2010 and my experience just happened between 6:35 and 6:37 am , don’t know exactly the time but I know that I did check the time.

I live with my boyfriend in his parent’s house due to the fact that I lost my apartment because I could not afford it any longer. I only work part time now. Just a bit of background - I have heard certain stories about things happening in the house from the family members, especially from my boyfriend’s older sister whom has practice white witchcraft ever since she was a teenager, she’s in her 30s now, but I’ve never experienced any here until today.

I went to sleep last night, I was so tired I did not even walk my boyfriend out because he works graveyard shift. I was having a dream and then I woke up from the dream around the time I mentioned before. When I woke up, I still have my contacts on and the light of my bearded dragon was still on. I noticed that I was on the side of the bed that my boyfriend sleeps on, so I was facing the wall with my back against the wall that has the door, everyone was still sleeping, well just his parents, I move backwards to the middle of the bed. I checked the time, it was not time for my boyfriend to return yet but he would get out around 7 am.

About a minute after I moved on the bed, I felt like when you feel when someone sits on the bed and you are laying down. It was slow but I felt it. I had my eyes closed but I was not sleeping. I did not want to turn around because I knew it was not my boyfriend, the room it’s not that big. Well I felt this, for the first time ever in my life, I didn’t get too freaked out, I just didn’t want to look back, but when it left or the sensation was gone I waited until 6:38 am and I had the courage of turning around and looked at the place where I felt it and I found a folded small paper. I was like what the heck??? I open it up and there is nothing written on it, but it’s a receipt because of the shape of it. So since Spike’s (my bearded dragon) light was on, I put it against the light and I see that it’s an old receipt and the only thing clearly on it it’s the price paid. It looks like a restaurant receipt because it has a faded line where you would write a tip.

I was a little bit shocked and went to the restroom with my phone and texted my boyfriend, he just said "weird", then in another text he said: "Can we say lotto? lol" So he’s the only person I’ve told besides you guys. I’m not giving away the number but all I can tell you it’s a 4 digit number and two of them are 6 and if you add the other two numbers it adds up to 6 as well. Lotto? Maybe but I’m not religious although I was raised being religious and everything they believe about that number. Everything is either gone from that receipt or really faded except for that number so that’s why I think it’s important.

This will be I guess another occurrence about the house to tell among the family. But the house it’s a two story house and it’s a couple of years old in a quiet community where the houses look a lot alike. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely playing that number because I don’t play and you never know. It might be a winning number. I’ll let you know if that happens. When I typed in the search bar of my internet felt someone sit on my bed a lot of results came out but this was the first actual website that caught my attention.

Yesenia, FL, USA
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