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Flashlight Visitor

Indiana, USA
October 1999

One night when I was around 10 I was next door at my neighbor Timmy's house. We were there with his two older sisters and it was dark time. Since his parents were out for the night we decided to play a joke on his sisters.

We told them that there was a guy sanding outside looking in the bushes with a flashlight. Of course, when they looked there was nobody there.

We did this a few more times and they told us to shut up and leave them alone. We were laughing when we saw someone outside. We told his sister and they looked and saw nobody. At this time we were both getting scared. Then the man we saw turned on a flashlight and was walking around like he was looking for something. We told his sisters and when they looked outside the phone rang and scared all of us. My mother was on the other line and told them to send me home. I reluctantly went out the front door. I heard something behind me and looked back. I saw a man turn on a flashlight and start coming toward me. I ran and opened the gate to the fence and ran into the backyard. By this time I could see my house.I looked back and the thing with the flashlight started running toward me. I ran across the backyard and got to the 5ft high fence and climbed over. I got my shoelace caught in the top of it and fell into my yard. I got up and the thing with the flashlight was getting closer. I ran to the front of my house and in through the front door. By this time I was crying. I ran inside and shut and locked the front door. My parents were sitting on the couch and saw me come in. They asked what was wrong and I told them what happened. My dad went outside and found nobody and my mom called back over to my friend Timmy's house and they checked outside and found nothing.

Was it my over excited imagination? Well my parents thought so until other neighbors started experiencing the same thing. We also found out that others had experienced similar things before it had happened to me. Is this a ghost? You decide.

Indiana, USA
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