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FMPF - Do you still like her,Sara?

Rivia Hart
May 2011

My family and I moved to Kentucky in 2008 when I was 12. My sister, Sara was then 8. We both didn’t like the house we moved to but we were always told by mom that "SWEETIE,YOU WILL GET USED TO WITH THIS NEW STUFF".

But I never believed we would. Little did I know, I was right.

Now let’s go back to the main story.

On 1f March 2008, Saturday morning, I was getting ready for my basketball practice. Sara was in the kitchen giving our little terrier some snacks.

My parents weren’t home. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the front door. The knock wasn’t normal. It was like someone hitting it hard. Sara let go out the terrier and ran upstairs to my room. She was sweating and her eyes were like diamonds. She seemed like crying, so I hugged her tight. Then I slowly came down, and opened the door. I saw a little girl panting hard. She was not like the regular kids. She wore a torn old-fashioned frock and it was kind of made from some thick material. The color was dark ,nearly black. She was so pale that in the light she looked almost white. She seemed approximately 10 years old.

She was trying to tell something but she couldn’t for her panting. I let her come into our house while Sara made a cup of drink for her.

Fifteen minutes later, she told us just a word. Soon as I started to ask some other questions she got up and ran to the attic. I got a little scared because we never opened the attic door after we moved down here in January. Sara and I followed her to the attic. I saw her sitting at the corner, moaning. When Sara asked her why she came up to the attic, all she said was that word, that still gives me goosebumps.

All, after that what we later knew was she lived in the house before us. But she never explained when. She used to go away and again meet us in the backyard. She never told where she lived, who she is and what she wants. when we asked her she looked down upon the ground and didn’t talk. But she got to be Sara’s best friend. They used to hang around all day long. I didn’t know, why I didn’t like the girl but Sara kept on talking about how much she liked that little girl. Later one day, we came to know that the girl was called Cecilia. We used to call her Sissy. She didn’t seem so lively neither she talked much. When she did, she talked in a Victorian way. Once she never came back. Sara waited for her the whole day but a parcel came from someone and it was a necklace with a locket where there were Sara an Cecilia’s photo. We never knew how Cecilia got it but we got a letter from her. In which she wrote:


Hope you are well. I am sorry I can’t meet you anymore. But I am really happy that I got a place in my heart for you. If you please, I have done my work what I needed to do. It’s my pleasure, that I could give my locket to a friend like you. It’s my time to go away leaving u forever but I couldn’t do anything for you, Sara.

I am sorry. All I need is just a wish from you that I could be in peace in there. Thank you.

From your dear friend,

Cecilia Jupe.


I don’t know why she did give that YEAR but I think that is when she died. I still remember her. Sara does it too. But she is very quiet now. All she does is hold the locket hard in her hand and say something in her mind. Now still, we didn’t get to know what happened.

P.S-It’s a completely true story.

Rivia Hart
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