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FMPF - Horrorfest Sleepover

Anonymous, Merseyside, UK
May 2011

One Saturday in March, Me, my girlfriend Jess, my sister/best friend Becky, my best friend James, and Emily were sleeping at Katie and Chris's house for a horror movie sleep over. Her mum is awesome so she didn't mind, even though we were 14 at the time, she trusted us.

We watched a few mild horror movies first like Dead Silence and Drag Me To Hell and then went on to scarier films like The Exorcist and The Saw Trilogy. James and Becky are scared really easily so we turned the TV off and sat and bitched about people we don't like. Later they were playing Just Dance on the wii and I was not going to embarrass myself like that so I sat there and laughed at them try to dance. Then I got to hot and needed a bit of air so I and Katie went to ask her Mum if we could go out on the front for abit. She gave us the front door key and we out the door on the hatch so it could be opened from the outside. Then Katie, the stupid cow, told me about a dream she had were she was running outside at night and a man asked her to get inside his car. This scared the shit out of me and we were walking around the estate and it was round 12:00 am. Katie's estate is pretty rough as it is and it's probably likely for someone to get kidnapped. I then heard a rustle behind and shit one and started to run. Katie caught up and told me it was just a crisp packet so I felt stupid and never said anything until we got back home.

We opened the front door and locked it and took the key to her Mum, then went into the living room and they didn't even realise we had left. We started to tell each other about super natural occurrences that had happened to us, so I told them about the time I got possessed when I was three (I stood up on my bed laughing hysterically and peed). I also told them about my Mum; she used to see ghosts in our own house and once thought one were me. Then we all got excited and wanted to make and Ouija board, so we got out Katie's laptop and typed in how to make a paper Ouija Board. We made one out of paper, I began to get nervous.. We asked a few obvious questions like is anyone here or do you need help? We got no reply for a few minutes, but the first reply was "Yes."

James partially died. Becky was hiding on the sofa. Emily and Jess just stared at it. But me, Katie and Chris were shocked but not as much as the others because we knew something was in the house from when I helped them move in.

Then Katie moved the letters to say, "Who are you?" No reply.

"Hello?" We wrote.

"I like watching you Katie.." Katie jumped out her skin and started to shake; Chris went comforting her.

I wrote, "How did you die and when?"

"Can you see me? Haha"

Then we were like wtf!

"Just turn around, I'm behind Becky" (Before it has chance to finish, Becky leapt of her seat and twisted around. In the small round mirror behind to sofa was a dark silhouette of a young mans face laughing!

We got out of that room quicker than Scooby Doo could shout "G-g-g-g- ghost!" Katie screamed for her "Mummy!" when we were in the hall. She rushed down the stairs and went into the empty living room and just called us in. There nothing in the mirror, the Ouija board was gone and no windows or doors were open.

This was only a few weeks ago and we're planning a new Horror Fest so if anything else happens I'll post it as soon as I get chance :D hope you enjoyed <3

Anonymous, Merseyside, UK
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