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Footsteps (4)

Abby, NJ, USA
January 2004

It was about 1-2 years ago. Back when I lived in a very small townhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

My mother, Pam, LOVES to collect dolls. The expensive type. At the time of this incident she had about 25-30 dolls that all sat in this huge wooden glass case, which held the television in the middle.

The day was peaceful and quiet. I knew for sure I was home alone. I had no pets what-so- ever. Just me. I was looking for something to do that day, for I was really, really bored. So, I decided to just lay on my couch for a little while, which is located directly in front of the glass case. As I was laying there, I wasn't even slightly fatigued, I was just laying there staring at the ceiling, and it was extremely quiet. All of a sudden I heard a QUICK pitter patter, about 4 times. It sounded as though a small figure had run across the carpeted floor right past my head. I was extremely scared and I KNOW I was not imagining it. About 4 seconds later my dad walked in.

I believe that day a doll had run past my head KNOWING my dad was about to walk in. Coincidence? I wouldn't think so...

Abby, NJ, USA
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