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Footsteps (6)

Terry, CA, USA
July 2009

I still can recall the particular night, not the date, but still somewhat fresh in my mind to this day. My wife and I had heard the footsteps before, but never when others were around. This particular night my parents had decided to spend the night. I had had been sleeping on a small sofa as we had given my folks our bed, my wife slept in a small bed in another room. I had awoke and was sitting and listening to the footsteps for perhaps a few minutes when I heard my dad come out from our room where he had been sleeping. He asked me what I was doing walking all around the house. I asked him how he thought it was me walking when I was sitting on the sofa and listening to the footsteps myself. I don't recall that he had answered anything at all and he had sit himself and for a while longer we both listened to the footsteps as they seemed to go from the front door, through the front room, passing the kitchen and entered into the main bedroom several more times. This happened several times for perhaps the next five minutes and then ceased. It is possible that it was more than just one. It was nonthreatening, just more interesting than anything else.

We talked about it later for a bit and then dropped the subject. I discovered later, that there was the remote possibility that the property we resided on and according to some local lore and county archives (which we couldn't really prove so dropped) that there may very well have been an Indian burial ground beneath the properties upon where these homes were (or had been built), but we never could get a straight answer as to the validity from the county assessor's office, or elsewhere for that matter, so as being unsure, we did not pursue it, but know the sounds of footsteps sure seemed real as even my father had heard them. So as we no longer live there, and it was not the reason we moved, we were unable to ferret out the truth or facts, just know what we had heard and experienced.

Afterwards, I only recall that the front door on occasion had sometimes seemed to be open when got up the next day or our neighbors saw it and woke us. Even a deputy sheriff discovered it one night and investigated and woke us as he had called out. But we never saw or felt threatened. And we usually both, my wife and I checked the same door more than just once just to make sure, but as I said, consciously, we did not leave it open, and on some occasions it was opened. I am not sure who or what it or the sounds meant or what if anything it (or they, if that may have been the case) was or were seeking or looking for, passing through or if it was just a strange phenomenon that had no meaning at all. I cannot even recall if we indeed sensed anything other than what we just thought we had heard and were (we believed) footsteps.

Terry, CA, USA
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