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Footsteps in the Hall

Christye Malott, TX, USA
November 2000

In November of 1999, I was living at my mother's house. The house was in a semi-populated neighbourhood, with a farm on the other side of the fence. It wasn't a scary looking house, and my parents had lived there for 3 years at this time.

I had just had my baby boy a month previous, so I was especially cautious of everything. My son slept in the same room with me, in case something happened to him while he was asleep. Where my room was in the house, was at the end of a 20 foot hallway.

One particular November morning, I woke up to hear footsteps coming down the hallway, stopping short of my door, turning around, going back down the hallway, only to hear them turn around again, just to stop short of my door. I knew that it couldn't have been anybody in the house, because everybody was at work. The house has a security alarm on it, and you hear 3 short beeps when anybody opens the front or back door. So nobody could have came in. I was so scared that I called my mom at work to tell her about it, and she just got really quiet. She then told me that earlier that morning, as she was getting ready for work, she heard somebody sneeze in the living room. The only people that were in the house at that time, were my mom, my son, and me. She came into my bedroom to see if it was me who sneezed, only to find me sound asleep, with my son all tucked in in his bed. She just blew the whole incident off, telling herself and I that we were just imagining things.

Later on during that very same day, I was vacuuming the living room. I was humming to myself, when I suddenly looked up. There was this light gray cloud like shape right in front of me. I was so shocked that I just stood there, eyes wide open. As soon as I moved, it just vanished. I immediately sat down on the couch to think about what had just happened, and Just figured that it was dust from me vacuuming. I started up the vacuum again, and I felt a little odd, as if something wasn't right. I finished up vacuuming, put the vacuum away, and went to go get my son. As I was walking around the furniture, The hair on my neck and arms stood straight up. I picked up the pace to go get my son, when in the hallway I walked through this spot of freezing cold air. I didn't know why it was cold, as I had the heater on.Then the gray like cloud appeared again, this time taking on more of a humanly shape. I was so scared, that I just shouted "Leave me alone. I dont want you near me or my son. Quit scaring me!" No later than I got the final word out, I hear " I'm sorry" in a barely heard whisper. I grabbed my son, his diaper bag, and got in my car and fled to my friends house. I didn't go back until my mom was home.
I told her everything that went on, and she told me that I was just imagining things, just as she was earlier with the sneeze incident.

I truly believe that somebody was there with me that November day. But after that day, nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to me in that house. I guess that the words "leave me alone" really worked in my case.

Christye Malott, TX, USA
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