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Getting Home Safely

Hunter, USA
May 2004

Hi this is how my experience takes place:

My dad had been in the hospital for almost half a year he had bad lung cancer from smoking, He held on for about one more week and then he was taken from us.

My dad and I were really close, after he died I didn't go to work for over 2 months and I feel into a deep depression, My mom was in worse shape then me she couldn't sleep in the house cause of all the memories of my father so she stayed with me at my house.

About a week after she left my house she called me to come over. After I got there we sat in the living room talking into the night when I was getting ready to leave I realized it was 12:30 a.m. so she asked if I wanted to stay the night with her and I agreed to but I had to run to my house to feed my dog (who was probably flipping out that I wasn't home)when I left the house I got the strange feeling that someone was following me I looked around to see if I could see anyone but there wasn't anyone near me, It felt kind of comforting cause my dad always walked me home when I stayed over and it was really late he always wanted to make sure that I was safe, so I continued my walk to my house I went through the park since it made my trip a little quicker.

I could still hear the footsteps following me and I was really getting scared, I was almost at the tunnel that led out of the park, I was running out of the tunnel I heard the footsteps still behind me, My house was in sight I was at my front porch, and when I reached the top of my porch the footsteps stopped, I never saw anyone following me, I thought maybe it could of been my imagination but, I really think it was my Dad making sure I got home safely.

Hunter, USA
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