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Ghost Car In Broad Daylight

December 2003

This happened back in the summer 1995.

I lived in the Cincinati area and was attending college at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I had an afternoon class and as usual, took Columbia Parkway to school.

Columbia Parkway has had a long history of fatal accidents, once the local news reported that every accident that ever occured on this stretch of highway ended in a death.

This was a warm, sunny afternoon and there was no traffic. When I got to Wooster Pike on my way to Columbia Parkway however, I noticed an ugly light brown rusty car that looked like it was from the late 60's or early 70's covered in bumper stickers. The bumper stickers also looked like they were from the 1970's (really big, really large block type print). The car was really loud, like it had a hole in it's exhaust. It was traveling slowly, only about 40mph and it was in my lane so I slowed down, and memorized some of the politically charged bumper stickers. I switched lanes, sped up to about 70, and saw the car left in the dust in my rear view mirror. I continued to look back and there was no other traffic at all, and there are no turn offs on this stretch of road but when I had to stop at the red light, there was the very same ugly car waiting for me at the stoplight! I thought I must be crazy, but I know no one passed me and I left this car in the dust. All the bumper stickers were the same, it made the same sound, it had rust in all the same places. It was definitely the same car I left in my dust that vanished in my rear view mirror only to reappear ahead of me without passing me somehow. I was baffled on how this was possible.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable and looked over at the driver and he was a teenager, a skinny boy, staring straight ahead, hands exactly at 11 and 2 o'clock on the wheel. What I noticed what was really odd is this guy never moved, in fact, he never even blinked. I thought this time I'll pass him and I will not take my eyes off my rear view mirror.

We went through Mariemount (I passed him again) and I watched him. There was still no other cars on the road. When we got to the highway again, I sped up to 70, and the ugly car still was doing about 40. I watched the car in rear view mirror and it disappeared completely. Then there were no cars, in fact, I was the only car on the highway. I thought the car got off at the Red Bank exit but when I stopped at another stoplight, there was that very same car waiting for me! This was impossible! For some reason, I said to myself, this kid was killed in an accident on this stretch of highway, and he's just wants attention, he wants me to follow him. I don't know why I said that all of a sudden because at the time, I didn't think of this being a ghost, just impossible physics.

I had to turn off to go to Eden Park Drive, but the car continued on Columbia Parkway, and looked like it was headed straight for downtown Cincinnati. I was really wanting to follow this car to satisfy my curiosity but I had class. Before I passed him the 2nd time, I slowed down so I could watch the driver and see if he turned the wheel as we went through the dangerous 'dead man's curve' on the highway, a near perfect u-shaped bend marked with yellow flashing lights, and he didn't even turn the wheel at all as he went through the bend, he was completely immobile! It was like the driver was frozen in time, like a 3D photograph. That's how he struck me. It looked he was heading all the way to downtown Cincinnati, and the whole thing really gave me the creeps.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a pale, skinny teenager wearing all black and had short black hair was killed in an ugly brown car covered in bumper stickers, maybe back in 1970's? (By the way, he was dressed to warm for the weather...he was wearing a black sweater on 80 F summer day!).

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